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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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I’ve waited long enough. My premium subscription is expiring next week and I’ll be going back to Apple Music where I at least get equalization pre-sets that work for me. An unfortunate result, but I’ve given up.

Local Performer

Please add this feature to this app. I pay for the premium family package and with iPhone putting limits on headphone volume, I’m hard of hearing so a lot of the music needs to be boosted for me to enjoy it, there should be an in app volume booster and equalizer. People have been asking for this for awhile so it’s not like it’s a new request so just do it already I will continue to give you some time to do this , or allow another app to access yours to boost volume, but if this feature is not added in the near future I will be leaving your product.. Sorry but this what I need to enjoy the music.

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Pandora…. Come on.  This is 2021.  If you don’t offer an equalizer, you’re going to continue losing business.  Soon to be mine.  This platform should be an audiophile’s favorite music app, but it is becoming my least favorite. Your customers need an update on when you will offer it.  Otherwise, I’ll be taking my money elsewhere. 

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Boogie wonderland would sound amazing with a little more bass in my AirPods. Just saying. Please Pandora!!!!!!

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Upvote for EQ. There are just too many reasons why, ranging from room layout to personal preference to offsetting producers trying to compensate for people's crappy earbuds.

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Clearly been long enough to not have an equalizer on the paid app if nothing else! Or at least give a third party the licensing! Not only are the songs at different levels, our broadcast devices are not all the same. 

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I mean how many people is it going to take before you finally realized that we would like a equalizer some sort of audio clarification tool that can be used with your app.its not that hard


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I really need an equalizer function, and basic tone controls too... Both are used at different times, on different systems, and I'm using Pandora more and more now as my primary music source...

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 People keep suggesting here that you should add some sort of visualizer.  The mods keep saying it'd be a great idea, but nothing happens.  We love having parties and streaming Pandora through the XBox Series X.  A cool visualizer would be so much better.  C'mon guys, they had visualizers back in WinAmp!!!


Please!  At least Bass & Treble.  More frequencies would be better.  Also volume leveling (compression?) would be good but not as crucial as bass, treble and other frequency adjustments .