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Ideas: Allow Modes in shuffle

Ideas: Allow Modes in shuffle

Status: Open Ideas

I really like the new modes feature, but my understanding is that if a self-created station has been modified with a mode, and that station is included in a shuffle, the shuffle will not pick up the mode on the station. I would like to have this feature added. Thanks.

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Community Manager
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That's been my experience. I have a Pink Floyd station that's in "Deep Cuts" mode, but when I play it in shuffle, it plays mostly just hits.

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Yes please! It really makes no sense to not have shuffle play in the station's mode setting. I just went through all my stations and set the modes I wanted for each, then hit shuffle and was right back to hearing all the same stuff!

Thanks 🙂

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I created my own station but I cant seem to find the shuffle button so it can go through the other songs in my list other wise it repeats quite  of the same songs and none of the others I have thumbed up and savrd and is there a no repeat mode few

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Either by Station or overall in the Shuffle to apply to all shuffled stations.


Station shuffle is the reason I give Pandora money over others services I would like to see it enhanced by Pandora Modes (personally preferring Deep Cuts).

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Community Manager

Hey, @vt. 👋

I moved your comment over to an existing Feature Request thread: Modes in Shuffle

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Hope to see you around the community more often! 🎧

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With my non premium pandora I could shuffle lots of songs and stations but no more.  


Please help with simple instructions   What happened????  I am not a technical person  

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I switched to paid subscriber because of the modes feature.  Really disappointed that it doesn't carry over into shuffle mode.  I would really like to have whatever mode I have selected on each of my stations be active during shuffle mode.  That would be the ultimate nacho.

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It's been nice having the crowd faves/discovery/deep cuts options... but could we get a way to mix them? I love getting the variety of the deep cuts option, but, y'know, it would be nice if I got some of the artists' chart-toppers thrown in occasionally, too. I would love to be able to set my station to play 50% deep cuts, 35% discovery, and 15% crowd faves. But the way it is currently, it's all-or-nothing one way or another.

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We really need this feature.  It would be pretty simple to implement.


Stations go stale after a while without using Discovery, Deep Cuts, and/or Newly Released.  Adding this as a feature while shuffle would allow users access to an even greater variety of music.