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Ideas: Allow for VPN

Ideas: Allow for VPN

Status: Open Ideas

Dear Folks-

I have Been a Pandora subscriber since 2011.

 I am incensed and alarmed about your recent blocking a VPN addresses.

  My use of a VPN  

a) is none of your business

b) improves BOTH your security and mine.

I urge you, please, to correct this short-sighted move. What does it gain you?

If you must have it, make VPN support a feature for the paid tiers.

Have you looked at r/pandora recently? There are quite a few concerned with this.

My subscription expires in June 2020. I would hate to end a 9-year relationship.

But I will if I have to.


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You can allow your GPS location on Pandora.  This proves your location and negates Pandoras need to determine your location via IP address.  There is far too much risk to be on the Internet without a VPN.

 Pandora needs to address this right away or they will lose me too and I have been on Pandora for over 15 years.

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Pay for premium family plan I have had a vpn for 6 months now this starts happening+ stupid

The only solution you offer is go unprotected or cancel.

You will get the ladder

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Thanks for the help, this has been driving me crazy!
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Bye Bye Pandora

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this is definitely dependent on vpn provider. I have used 3, 2 private and 1 enterprise for work, and have never experienced issues due to using a vpn.


Drop the vpn providers that will hand over your data the second they are handed a warrant, go with the one(s) that make it a point to not have any of your data so they have nothing to hand over when they are forced to do so