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Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Status: Open Ideas

I just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and was so disappointed that Spotify has an app for Garmin but Pandora does not. When I started running, I specifically chose Pandora premium because I prefer you over Spotify. I had to purchase a Spotify premium account so that I can listen to music on my new running watch. Please create a Garmin compatible app so that I don't have to completely switch to Spotify. Thanks! 

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Agree….when will this be available….looking at other options but prefer to stay with Garmin and Pandora.  


I need to download my playlist to my Garmin Forerunner 265 watch for offline listening.   They support Spotify but said Pandora does not offer this currently.   

Will Pandora offer this at some point or do I need to cancel my Pandora account and move to Spotify?


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It would be good for transparency if Pandora would explain why the lack of Garmin integration.

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Got a Garmin 255 Music for Christmas! We also are currently using the top Pandora Premium family version. Still in the free stage, but might as well pay Spotify or something Garmin compatible. Would love to keep Pandora Premium going though. Hint Hint, 😉😉