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Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Status: Open Ideas

I just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and was so disappointed that Spotify has an app for Garmin but Pandora does not. When I started running, I specifically chose Pandora premium because I prefer you over Spotify. I had to purchase a Spotify premium account so that I can listen to music on my new running watch. Please create a Garmin compatible app so that I don't have to completely switch to Spotify. Thanks! 

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Local Performer

Are we going to get a Pandora App for Garmin? Even Deezer has one for christ's sake.

Opening Act

This must not be getting to the right people at PANDORA.    5 years and no reply...

Here it is now 2024 and still no Pandora app for Garmin. 

Will PANDORA offer this feature?

When will it become available? 

Or explain why not...

PANDORA - More watches are offering the ability to download music, don't miss out on this feature. 

Local Performer

Same here. We need this capability. Thank you.

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Hello Pandora, will music become available on Garmin watches? 
Please reply.

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Just picked up a Forerunner 965 and hoping for Pandora support too.  Maybe one day....

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Agreed! Please add