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Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Status: Open Ideas

I just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and was so disappointed that Spotify has an app for Garmin but Pandora does not. When I started running, I specifically chose Pandora premium because I prefer you over Spotify. I had to purchase a Spotify premium account so that I can listen to music on my new running watch. Please create a Garmin compatible app so that I don't have to completely switch to Spotify. Thanks! 

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I agree.  If Pandora doesn't have a Garmin app soon, I'll have to switch to Spotify as well.  I'd much rather keep my Pandora premium subscription that I have had for years.

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Please Pandora, this should be a given for a platform the size of Garmin's.

I finally shelled out the big bucks for a Garmin watch so I didn't have to lug my phone with me when I ran. I knew going into it that there was no Pandora support, but I bought a music-enabled model in hopes that an app will be available someday.

I'm going to remain a Premium subscriber, no matter what - the music genome recommendations are so much better than the competitions' that I'll endure this additional Pandora limitation. It's just one more thing, though, on top of the smaller music library, poorer streaming quality, perpetually flaky Android app, lack of Windows app, random licensing changes from downloadable to radio-only albums... Please, developers, throw us a bone?

Also, for the folks commenting here, remember to click the Like / Heart button at the top of the page. If this feature request forum works like those from other software vendors, I assume that more likes means it will get more attention. At the moment, I see 32 comments, but only 14 likes. Worst case, it's a placebo, but worth a try for the minimal effort it takes. Thanks.

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@funkified Thanks for the suggestion of clicking the Like button (Heart) at the top of the page. I wasn't aware that developers might put a higher priority on the Like count rather than the comment count.

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Pandora: this lack of coordination with Garmin is about to persuade me to go to Spotify for play on Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch. Something has to happen here. Not sure if problem is with Garmin or Pandora but as noted previously the real problem is licensing and law that allows or compels such segmentation of market. But in the meantime people like me will likely change music provider after buying devices for which Pandora does not provide compatibility.

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I've been a Pandora listener for 20 years, preferred over all other music services. Today, I had to cancel my subscription and switch to Spotify because I can't play Pandora on my Garmin watch. My training runs can go 4-5 hours, that's a long time with nothing to listen to.

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I just bought a new Garmin device and was disappointed to see that Pandora doesn't support it. So I guess I'll have to switch to Spotify.

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Will switch to Spotify if Pandora is not supported by Garmin.

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The lack of a Pandora app is frustrating for sure on my Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar. Not a fan of Spotify so I guess I'll have to use my Amazon Music subscription. 

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I can’t believe Pandora isn’t on Garmin yet. I’ve been waiting and waiting and am going to have to switch my family to Spotify. Absolutely ridiculous. 

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Please make Pandora compatible with Garmin!