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Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Ideas: App for Garmin devices

Status: Open Ideas

I just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and was so disappointed that Spotify has an app for Garmin but Pandora does not. When I started running, I specifically chose Pandora premium because I prefer you over Spotify. I had to purchase a Spotify premium account so that I can listen to music on my new running watch. Please create a Garmin compatible app so that I don't have to completely switch to Spotify. Thanks! 

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I’m in the same boat. I love my Garmin Fenix 6 but annoyed that Pandora is not available. Please make a Pandora app for Garmin ASAP so I don’t have to switch to Spotify which I do not like.

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Agreed! I'm wanting to buy a 245 Music, and the biggest turn-off is that I can't listen to my Pandora on it! Create a Garmin app, please!

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+1 - How is this not done yet? I guess I need to look into Spotify for now, hopefully I don't have to switch over.

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This isn't just Pandora "making an app" for Garmin. Presumably, this comes down to licensing fees and agreements between Garmin and Pandora and the content owners. It's a much more complex issue and we would have no way of knowing who is "holding out".

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I agree with this. Especially now with Pandora Premium, the ability to download your own playlists now make the concept of Pandora on Garmin an even more appealing idea. I would also think that the demographics of Pandora users would align well with Garmin users as well.

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I’m about to drop Pandora for Spotify if you don’t produce an app for Garmin watches.  I see many others have requested this and there’s still no app.  I refuse to pay for two music apps.  You’ve been warned.   

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Please please! I just bought a Garmin Music and didn't realize I couldn't add my Pandora faves. Such a disappointment! Can we get an update from Pandora on whether this is under consideration?

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same here. planning to purchase a Garmin watch soon and will be forced to change music services if there is no pandora capability

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Garmin makes a superior device.  I had a Fitbit along  with a pandora premium account until the Fitbit started acting funny.  Replaced it with a garmin forerunner and  sadly I had to cancel my pandora premium account and sign up with spotify.  Would have preferred to stay with pandora.  Hope there is something in the  works to make this happen.   I'm also an XM radio subscriber, would be bonus to bring that over somehow.


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Same here, please add pandora to garmin