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Ideas: Apply Explicit Filter to on-demand content

Ideas: Apply Explicit Filter to on-demand content

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We have a Premium Family account. We have an account for our kids to use so they can listen to kids music. This account is set to NOT ALLOW explicit content. However, when my daughter did a search for Paw Patrol, multiple explicit content songs appeared in the Search Results. Then my daughter was able to select one of the songs marked "E" (Explicit). The song actually played, which is when we noticed because the lyrics were not at all appropriate for children. The songs album has a cartoon picture of a Paw Patrol character, so its no wonder it selected.

I did some searching and I'm seeing that blocking explicit content may only apply to Radio. This is a huge gap and to me should be on the list for minimum viable product for "Family" accounts. Other streaming tools offer this. I realize that Pandora first was Radio only and then added Premium (I was there for the release), so to me this is a miss when defining Premium features.

I realize this will likely be categorized as a Feature Request - but as the parent, this is critical. I can't allow my family to use systems that do not function in some assumed ways (like, do not allow explicit content should not allow explicit content - the option does not say anything about Radio only). I can block most other things with network/parental control systems, but once in an application, like Pandora, I have rely on that system's safety features and if I can't rely on their safety feature, I can't use them.

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HI @zeb! Thanks for posting your feedback.

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

Thanks for being part of community!

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I think Pandora should use AI to identify all songs that say different curse words and give you an option to block them with a filter.  Personally, I'd like to not hear the N word in my music.  Not all songs that use this language are marked explicit, so even though I have explicit songs blocked, some stuff still gets through.

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Agreed! My 5 year old is a better censor than pandora and it is sooo embarrassing when I let pandora play at our family get togethers and birthday parties and all this cursing starts. I really need an option to block all that out!