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Ideas: Audiobooks (not just Podcasts) on Pandora

Ideas: Audiobooks (not just Podcasts) on Pandora

Status: Open Ideas

Most Music Services are now really pushing Podcasts . . . what if Pandora took the reins and took that idea a step further. What if Pandora began to integrate audiobooks (like Scribd) as part of the Premium subscription?

That'll add much more value to Pandora than Spotify or its other competitors. Pandora would be the pit stop for all listeners . . . Literally.

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@Oshawott , Libravox are open source material meaning that their copyrights were dropped either because of age of the publication, or that the family didn't keep up with the copyright when the author has either deceased, or failed to update their copyright.  It happens. Libravox has a larger stable of volunteers that read the books for the organization that offers books on Tape for the Library of Congress, etc for the  blind and disabled.   And are available as a viable source on Youtube that are recognized as "non copyright protected" material.  

I would hope that being there is a bevy of material out there that is in this classification either through Librivox or elsewhere, why not allow listeners access through Pandora since it would open up so many more channels for children's lit, poetry, mysteries, nonfiction, cozies, romance, and so forth.  It could open up a whole wing to another community of those wanting to talk about books, giving ideas for parents for home schooling, etc.  It has a larger appeal for so many.

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Oh and I would love podcasts being made available as well, again, what a way to increase listeners to Pandora?