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Ideas: Blocking / Muting Artists & Genres

Ideas: Blocking / Muting Artists & Genres

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Status: Open Ideas

New Feature Idea: Create Rules about what bands you never want to hear.  If I select a Genre but there are certain bands I never want to hear, there should be a way to create a rule. i.e. I select the 70's Rock Genre but I never want to hear any music from Sting, Rush, Styx, Journey, Kiss, etc.  then allow me to create a rule eliminating them fron the selection algorithm.

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I disagree @CarolinaSteve , "Cancel culture" would be demanding Pandora remove an artist from Pandora because of [insert whatever reason here].  That's not what we're asking for.  We're asking for the ability to curate the music we listen to on a music subscription app that we pay for, nothing more. 

Thumbs down does not give Pandora enough information as to why I don't like the song, just that I don't like this particular song.  Thumbs down on two of an artist's songs  shouldn't necessarily mean don't play this artist ever again, it very well may mean I just don't like these songs of theirs.  Just want a distinct way to say "don't play this artist"

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Let me clarify something, since I'm the one who brought this back up a couple weeks ago:

The issue isn't "cancel culture."  The issue isn't whether or not Kevin Spacey is a despicable human being.

The issue is DATA INTEGRITY.  I "thumbs-upped" Dean Martin.  Two of Dean's  songs have Kevin Spacey hamming it up in the background, as if it were a duet.

The second issue is ROYALTY PAYMENT.  Kevin Spacey gets a royalty every time DEAN MARTIN'S song is played.  That's just wrong.

Why is Pandora slipping in the Kevin Spacey/Dean Martin duet?  Probably because IT'S CHEAPER than paying the royalty for the original Dean Martin recording.  The original song was probably on Capitol Records.  Then Dean recorded another version under Frank Sinatra's Reprise label so that he would get a bigger cut.  And now we get Spacey horning in.  

So what we're listening to is a COPY of A COPY of A COPY.  And there's absolutely NO WAY of filtering it out if we like Dean Martin.  Thumbs down those two songs, and you probably lose Dean from your playlists altogether.

Unethical?  You decide.

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Please add the ability to block an artist.

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Would totally love this, simply to better curate my playlists.

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I am so tired of being a PAYING Pandora customer and not having the option to block songs, albums, or artists.  I once spent an entire morning thumbing down every T***** S***t song & every album so I would not longer have to listen to the no talent auto-tuned artist.  Today was the icing on the cake. I click to listen to a "recommended" Pandora station and, and Pandora played hate filled songs by "B*** B******, who even presents as said hate filled person in his music. I am stunned that such horrid hate filled music is playing on my feed. Is the locale of Mississippi causing such horrid music?  I don't want to listen to hate-filled coded religious music either. What in the world is happening at Pandora??? Anything??? It's been years and it's time for someone at Pandora to realize that your baby e for explicit does not even come close to covering the level of systemic racial insensitivity and hate speech coming out in your newly recommended music. And don't even get me started on the "coded" hate speech.  I did not spend 5 decades on this earth to have such utter stupidity recommended to me via music. Give customers the ability to block.  The same rules that apply to social media should apply to Pandora.

Diamond in the Rough

I doubt that this is a feature that Pandora will even implement due to pressure from record labels, but I do wish it was one and would even consider being a paid member if it was implemented for membership. Not just for blocking out controversial artists - just to block ones who repeatedly show up despite thumbs down. I have one particular group who shows up frequently on one of my stations because, generally, their sound matches the other music there. But I do not care for their singer's voice and would rather not waste tons of thumb downs (which have been having issues sticking, as noted in another forum thread) on a specific artist over and over.

Likewise, anyone who listens to instrumental or classical stations probably knows the frustrations of Pachelbel's Canon in D. Since this tune is so ubiquitous, has been covered so many times, and has a chord progression frequently found in other music, it's nearly impossible to stop it from playing. One time I had 12 versions of it play on one station in one day despite downvoting every one I could. Twelve. While blocking Pachelbel's music wouldn't stop any performances Pandora lists under the performing artist, it would stem the unforgiving tide from the classical compilation albums that seem to jam it in at every opportunity.

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Is this an issue with you that is about the artist, or is more an issue of wanting an EASY LISTENING Genre?

I need more info. But it sounds like what you are asking for is a BPM or Tempo switch - blocking out all the hard heavy metal musicians....

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Blocking artists and songs seems like it should be a standard feature already. 

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Is anyway to filter a particular artist to play in my stations? I am aware of the explicit filter, but Ye there may be certain individual singer that hurts me deeply and I don't want to support economically or otherwise.  No even sure how Pandora still  supports people like that.

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Kanye West will be the first artist ever canceled by Pandora.  Guaranteed. 🔯