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Ideas: Bring back Personalized Soundtracks

Ideas: Bring back Personalized Soundtracks

Status: Open Ideas

I miss personalized playlists ("Our Soundtrack," "Your Spring Playlist," etc.) being updated.  It was neat to see how what I (or my family) was listening to shaped the recommendations.  I would love to see this feature return - even if the updates only happen a few times a year!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Sarah13 

Thanks for visiting the Ideas Board with your feedback! We're glad that you enjoyed the personalized sound tracks.

The status of your post has been updated to Open Ideas. For more information about the Ideas Board please check out our Policy & FAQ.

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Local Performer

I found it under browse by category under playlists!! ❤️

Opening Act

how did you find them there. i looked cant find them? i have premium, mobile app (android), but all i can find is the drop.


Hi, @rookiyb!

Are the personalized playlists you found updating?  I still have my old personalized playlists in my collection, but they don't seem to have updated since 2019 or so!

Thank you!

Local Performer

There used to be personalized playlists on my Premium account. There were probably ten or so and updated regularly. They’ve been gone for awhile now…any idea if they stopped doing this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@andyathey I moved your post over to this existing thread: Ideas: Bring back Personalized Soundtracks

Make sure to upvote this Idea with a ❤️ to express your interest in seeing these added back to the service.

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