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Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

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My Pandora is connected to my Amazon Echo devices. Because of that my young son often adds stations based on one or two songs. He's not interested in actually having the list, he just wants to year the song. As a result I frequently find myself "culling the heard" so to speak and deleting stations I don't actually want or need. I would love to see an option to select multiple stations at once to delete them.

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Diamond in the Rough

@TannerPandora you say you're looking to improve.. and I'm not completely sure I doubt that but at the same time trying to confuse improvements for fixing bugs. Cuz a lot of the time fixing bugs can be far more effective

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This post has been here for four years. Can we get an update?

We really need a feature to automatically bulk remove duplicate songs from a playlist.

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As someone who just switched from Spotify to Pandora today, it is INSANE that this is not an option.  I actually laughed out loud when I realized it was a problem with the software and not my own inability to figure it out.  Clearly some bizarre (profit-driven??) shenanigans by the powers that be at Pandora.  My tenure as a user here may be short-lived if this kind of basic functionality is deliberately omitted.  So weird.

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Well Pandora ...    I just added a premium family subscription and I'm  disappointed to find that basic features that I would expect, and have long been requested are still not available.   

Maybe there's something I don't know how to do yet,   but as a software developer, I know having your users wait too long for anticipated functionality is likely to lose them forever. 

Maybe not enough folks are supporting the paid service,  but I think you could do better. 

Thumbs down.  



Local Performer

way to may playlists added that we dont want.  

i have 250 stations.  

cant spend an hour to delete them all

cant bulk delete.  i suppose i can switch to amazon music as only option. 

Local Performer

I hope this gets implemented. I have the same problem as the OP. For now, I think my remedy will be to create a "Kids" account to link to our echo devices around the home.  It'll be less convenient for me using my accounts but the kids use pandora WAY more than I do, so I'll take the inconvenience.