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Ideas: Choose Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

Ideas: Choose Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Plus user I want the autonomy to choose my own offline listening stations when in offline mode. I have tried playing the stations I want but I only get one station I listen to regularly and the other 2 I haven’t listened to in months. I’ve also tried signing out and signing back in and re-downloading stations without success. This is very frustrating as a paying user to not have the choice of which stations I can play offline, which was the whole reason I upgraded my account. 

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I have had the free version of Pandora for some time, and just upgraded to Pandora Plus. Where can I find step by step instructions for using offline stations?


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Agreed!! I’d like to choose my offline stations. I don’t care how many I can choose, just as long as I can choose them!

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Let the people choice what stations to listen to when offline. That should be up to us to choose what we listen to when we are offline. that shouldn't be up to the app to decide.

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I hope this changes soon with Pandora Plus! I have been listening to a new station I created a LOT recently, but it still hasn't become a "top 3 station" since my older stations have so much history. Perhaps the stations should be picked based on which ones I'm playing the most within the last few weeks?

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Yeah this was the whole reason I updated to plus.  Service is spotty in my area and the offline mode was awesome when i had a free premium account with att.  When att stopped offering the service I thought I'd give a plus subscription a try, but it doesn't seem worth it at all when the station pandora picks for me is a station I listened to 10 years ago and have no interest in listening to again. 

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I purchased Plus exclusively for Offline mode while traveling through Nowheresville, U.S. But I need to choose which stations! The ones Pandora picked for me are not what I want. I cancelled my Plus subscription immediately. I will consider a paid subscription again when this feature exists.

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I’ll be canceling my new subscription. You frikin’ ad explicitly says “you can choose your favorite station to listen offline. Worst bait and switch I’ve seen in a long time. Poor form. 

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This really NEEDS to be changed. 2 of my 3 offline stations are ones I haven't listed to in ages. My favorite station that I've been listening to almost daily for months still isn't available offline. I only pay for Premium so I can listen to music at work despite the terrible internet connection, so at this point, what am I even paying for? This feature request thread has been up for 2 years and you still haven't implemented it? Time to check out Spotify I guess.

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Almost 3 years later and we still don't have this feature.  Pandora, what are you even doing?!

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solution:  (someone else confirm or add to or correct me please, tyvm)

1.  delete stations listed as offline (the green down arrow)

2.  put your preferred station on to play overnight at zero volume or low volume

3.  if that doesn't work, delete all stations and start over

personally i'm quite satisfied with it, though i'm not sure about the thumbprint radio, not sure if that is a thing anymore

seems like they've come a long way, done some good improving

I would say YES, choosing which stations to make offline WOULD be nice, but basically that is the 10/mo option, so... pony up

If you choose the 5/mo option, then bend with the breeze, it's easy