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Ideas: Choose Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

Ideas: Choose Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Plus user I want the autonomy to choose my own offline listening stations when in offline mode. I have tried playing the stations I want but I only get one station I listen to regularly and the other 2 I haven’t listened to in months. I’ve also tried signing out and signing back in and re-downloading stations without success. This is very frustrating as a paying user to not have the choice of which stations I can play offline, which was the whole reason I upgraded my account. 

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Local Performer

Please let me choose my own 3 offline stations! I use Pandora Plus when walking my internet in the great outdoors...


Opening Act

what you can do is delete the stations you don't want to be as your downloaded ones

. then the ones you want will become the downloaded ones, so just put them on play overnight and it will download stuff

. and you can then make those other stations you deleted again sometime, maybe; This won't be a problem because you don't want to download them anyway

1.  Delete unwanted station that is downloaded.

2.  Put wanted station on play overnight for downloading.

3.  Remake old station if desired, after preferred station becomes downloaded.

You may have to delete several stations to get the 3 you want as download stations.

Put those on play overnight to keep them at high priority.

It does seem like a better way is the right idea, like having a toggle for a station if it is to be a preferred station for downloading.

Local Performer

I completely agree with the comments above.  It seems like a good idea to encourage upgrading to a bigger subscription, but really it is wasteful.  The workaround is to play a station you will want offline a WHOLE LOT MORE, sometimes on a silenced device.  Given that pandora pays for every song played, this costs the company.  Please consider allowing users to select at least one offline station.  Thanks!

Local Performer

3 years later and there's still not an option to choose your stations?!  I'm glad I already got sick of my "most played stations" that Pandora auto-downloaded for me before my free trial expired because I'll be cancelling my Plus account before I even start paying.  I was under the impression I could choose my 3 stations, which is perfect for choosing my mood for offline listening which is way different than my all day desktop listening at work.  I have been enjoying the ad-free listening, but I need to be able to download workout music for offline listening and Pandora playing DJ based on my most listened stations (which are background music for work) isn't it. 

I feel like the Pandora Plus is a bit of a bait-and-switch with their offline listening promises of "your top 3 stations" to download and I will not be giving them money for Premium but will instead be going to a competitor.  Not that it matters much, but Pandora needs to be aware this is costing them customers, both paying and non-paying because I won't be choosing Free Pandora when I start the competitor's Premium account.  

Local Performer

Please add my vote to the count!  I would like to choose my offline station - even if I only have 1 choice. I ONLY signed up for Plus so I could listen to either of two favorite stations when driving or walking, and neither were selected for me by Pandora.  I find that odd, after reading the site information, because they are my most listened to out of the 17 stations I have.  Shouldn't at least one of them been downloaded by Pandora for my offline listening?!  Instead, I got three less listened to stations.  I will likely discontinue my subscription if the service does not improve soon.

Local Performer

I understand being limited to a certain number of offline stations, so there is a bonus for Premium.  When the advertising says you get to "choose", I assumed I would get to choose which stations would be added to offline, not that I would get to "choose" between 4 pre-selected stations.  However, if the offline selection goes by total hours of listening, it will take a while for my "new favorite" stations to show up on offline.  What you listen to most in the recent past should be updated periodically, either automatic, or by toggling offline off then back on.  

Opening Act

i'm fine with it as is.  When I'm in a situation with no wi-fi (i do not use cell phone) then I still have something to listen to.  So that's great.  With premium it's mainly about the no ads and higher bitrate.

The answer is to delete one of your saved stations.   Then another newer one will take it's place.

Local Performer

I agree. I also want to be able to pick my station in offline mode.

Premium should mean Premium