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Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Status: Open Ideas

I know there are a lot of folks out there that are annoyed by the advertisement selection that they are exposed to.  I am also one of them.  I have a suggestion, though I'm sure someone must have thought of this already.

Give us a thumbs-up/thumbs-down option for advertisements!  Not all advertisements are terrible, but some of them are so offensive to people that it's driving them away from your platform.  Or at the very least leading them to mute their device for a couple minutes until the ads are done playing.  I'm sure the ad payers probably don't enjoy forking over money simply to be muted and ignored by your listener base.  At the very least give them the exposure to those who are actually going to listen to them, and help them avoid those who are going to avoid them!


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There are numerous occasions where I get ads that are, for lack of a better word, "offensive" and cannot do anything but turn the volume on my car down to zero. I'm incredibly frustrated getting ads for Chik-fil-a, or adult-content ads, or (rarely but not never) an ad for a church or an anti-LGBTQ politician. At this point, I'm probably going to just switch to Spotify, because it's clear by the four-year history of this request that y'all prioritize squeezing an extra tenth of a cent per listen over user experience.


Duplicating for emphasis.  May not be in my car but just as accurate.

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there is one ad that is VERY anxiety provoking. I can’t take it anymore. It plays over and over and over and over again. What can i do to get rid of this 1 ad? I have misophonia and the Walmart ad with the coffee drinking causes me distress. There’s a McDonald’s one too! It seems to hv gone away. I want to enjoy Pandora but I don’t want a panic attack. The sound of slurping? Does that make ppl Want coffee? It makes me want to cry? 

Local Performer

I am incredibly irritated with the ads on Pandora, specifically the My Pillow ad. I mute it every time it comes on which is almost every hour. I cannot stand him. I know everything is tracked and it is very clear that I hate him as well as anyone affiliated with him so I do not understand why I would get it. There needs to be a way to thumbs down ads. Maybe if an ad gets enough thumbs down, it gets removed. I understand if you don't pay for a subscription, you get ads but come on. You data mine the **ahem** out of everything so you should be capable of knowing what people are interested in. If you can't actually show me what I'm interested in, there is no reason for you to have any of my information. 

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Can we have Different commercials? why do you play the same thing all the time. I know I could pay for no commercials but what fun would that be LOL. Gain flings is all the time. 

Local Performer

Least favorite ads (1/9/2024):

Bounce - "It's the sheet."

Tidepods - "Hand me the intercom thingy"

Harnish Auto Family - mispronouncing Puyallup as Peeyallup.

... and many others. Can't you tell when I am irritable and don't need kitschy, vaguely racist advertising in my coffee music?

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Yes that is the ones. I know I could pay for this service but no need to if you will play a 30 sec, clip i am fine with that but its like the same ones over and over again lol
I love pandora and make all my friends change to you.
Local Performer

Can we please get a way to control ads better? I can't stand all the horror movie ads I get... especially when I listen with my son (generally the stations we listen to I don't need to worry about explicit content) but he gets scared from the horror ads. I generally don't mind the ads (though having to listen to 3-4 ads in a row, it playing 3 songs then playing more ads can be annoying), but the horror movie ones I wish there was a way to opt out of. 

On the Rise

Serious question, no sarcasm intended. Why not consider a Pandora Plus subscription for $4.99 per month. That would eliminate all adds and you wouldn’t have to worry about them at all.

Local Performer

Jumping on this bandwagon. I can't understand how this system, that's been around forever, can't include the opportunity to customize what you hear ads about, or to thumbs up or thumbs down or block ads. Nearly every other system out there has the ability to rate or block the ads that you're hearing.

I'm fine listening to ads, but if I have to hear the "smushy butt" huggies ad, or the BSB "tell me why" laundry commercial one more time I'm going to lose my **ahem**. 1) I'm not a parent - WHY ARE YOU PLAYING ME ADS THAT TALK ABOUT BABIES?! 2) Why do I hear the SAME ADS every five minutes!?

Yes, I could upgrade if I wanted yet another thing to pay for, but as one of the only free options left out there, I just want to listen to music while I work. Don't make it so hard.

Local Performer

At 6:30 pm my ads change to PrEP and HPV adds yesterday I had to work late and the patient got inundated with this ad. Lucky it was an adult.

how can I stop listening to this weird ad.