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Ideas: Control playback across devices

Ideas: Control playback across devices

Status: Open Ideas

Spotify Connect lets you control playback across your devices, and easily switch which device you're listening on. It's an enormously convenient feature. You can play music from your TV and control it with your phone. Or you can listen on your computer, but if you're getting ready to walk away, you can switch to your phone.

It would make Pandora an even more effective competitor if it had something similar.

More details here.

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This was a very important feature for me when I was on Spotify - it's so wonderful when you can use your phone or ipad to control playback on a larger sound system!  And having joined Pandora recently, not being able to do this really nags at me - it's irritating to have to give that feature up (it's not the only one).

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If Pandora would do this 1 thing I believe it would leave Spotify in the dust. I like Pandora's playlist and radio much better i.e. grown-ups must make them but I believe Spotify has children making their playlist.

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Allow users to transfer play session to another device. At times I am listening to a certain station/song from one of my devices at home (for ease of understanding Pandora via my cable tv settop box) and wish to pickup where I am/transfer the same station on the same song (and algorithm) to the next device (car/phone) should there be a need to more my session to a new device.

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This is a critical feature that Pandora lacks. This is the biggest reason that I use Spotify for much of my listening.

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If my wife is logged into our account on her phone and streaming music, I would like to be able to skip songs or change stations from my logged in phone without stopping my wife’s phone from actively streaming.

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Lots of folks cue up their Pandora sessions, then move somewhere in their building that the Pandora app UI isn't viewable from.

It would be nice if this information was made accessible to a stand-alone app for display on custom devices/signage apps.  This could/should be a simple, NO FRILLS interface - only the currently playing song title/artist/album is needed, though I suppose a URL to album art would be a cool option.  (I personally have a "text only" display project in the works, so I can do without a .jpg link)


  - Chip

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I will point out - there are other music streaming services that already offer this!  I'm very surprised that Pandora hasn't kept up...  😞

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I don't need to listen simultaneously on multiple devices, but it would be really nice if I could change the playlist on a different device from the one that is currently 'listening'.  If I'm listening from my desktop through multiple speakers, I want to be able to change my playlist from my phone instead of going to the desktop.  So, changes on my phone or another computer would affect the currently playing device and vice versa!

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I'm going to post this link to all my socials (IG/FB/reddit) and hope this takes off.

Power to The People! Feature Us Up!

(Also fix all the other buggy issues! 🙏🙏🙏)

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This is actually something Spotify has, that I used to use before switching to Pandora.  Basically you can listen to music through your PC, but control song selection, likes, skips, etc. through your phone.  Let me explain how/why it was useful:


You're playing a full screen game on your PC and you want to listen to the in-game sounds but also your music so you plug in your headphones and open or your desktop pandora app.  You want to give a thumbs up to a song/switch the song/skip a song.  You can't close out your game or exit the full screen, so you do it through your phone, which is mirroring your pandora on PC.