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Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to blend one song into the next so that there is no dead silence between tracks?

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It’s hard to meditate to music with so many gaps between songs.  I can’t believe Spotify has a crossfade feature, but Pandora doesn’t!  I guess I’m going to have to listen to Spotify instead.

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I'm planning on moving to Spotify as well...this request is 3 years old...should be clear by now that Pandora has no interest in what the community wants. 

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I participated in a beta test 4 Pandora X...bout 9 months passed and they abandoned it 😢 😔 😪 Sound quality was the best ever still no cross fading or gap less playback. Not real sure who's running things ore there but...Powered by Cricket Wireless
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Crossfade and gapless are two very different things in my mind. Crossfade is like being in a disco, or listening to broadcast radio.  Gapless is maintaining the original flow of an album.  

Twice this week I've been stung with this.

  1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
    1. playing on app on a Samsung The Frame TV
  2. Kate Bush - The Ninth Wave (Side to of Hounds of Love)
    1. Playing on Samsung Galaxy S20U, Android App.

I have seen the same issue with album playback on the Roku TV Pandora app as well.

I know Amazon provided a continuous mix of Jean-Michel "Jarre's Oxygene 3", coming in as a 40+ minute track, to overcome the limitations. Maybe if Gapless play is not available for file buffering issues, then maybe releasing sides of an album/CD would be an option. This is not without precedent on Pandora, as Tangerine Dream is released as 4 tracks, one per side of vinyl.

I do not always have access to a CD player, and would love to see gapless added so digital music can be every bit as good as CD.

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I also agree this feature is completely necessary. I listen to a lot of albums where the songs blend in with each other and if gapless audio inbetween tracks isn't added by the next time my subscription runs out I'm going to have to cancel and switch to spotify.

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This feature request dates to late 2019, if not earlier (based on email history).  I let my subscription expire and moved to Spotify 2 years ago.  Pandora is much better for radio IMO, but is terrible for listening to albums.

Also, since the comment system doesn't provide dates, I'm posting this 2022-08-21 for future reference.


Gapless when playing albums at the very least. Listening to albums like "The Wall" with gaps should be illegal!

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Is there a way to have no gap between tracks? Pink Floyd Darkside of the moon is f'd with gaps. Spotify calls it seamless playback. Think it is needed on this app

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Community Manager

@Rabbit1979 I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

While this is not currently an option, I recommend upvoting this thread with a ❤️ if you'd like to see it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

Welcome to the "Pandora doesn't care about this feature" club. If you want
this feature, switch to Spotify. I did, and the grass is greener here