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Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to blend one song into the next so that there is no dead silence between tracks?

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Local Performer

Please yes, gapless.  For any EDM the gaps completely ruin the listening experience, almost enough to drive me to Spotify.  If I pick an album to play, I expect it to play as if I were listening to the CD.

Local Performer

100% agree on this. We need Crossfade.

Local Performer

Yes, please!

Local Performer

Sooo behind the times for not having this feature. Please provide this functionality 🙂

Local Performer

Yes, agree.  This needs to be added.  It would give the listener a more authentic radio type experience.

Local Performer

An optional feature where the listener can blend the end of the previous song into the beginning of the next song, helping transitions as well as making the vibe of your playlist or album more vibrant.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Dieseldevil thanks for posting to our Feature Request board! I've gone ahead and merged your message with an existing thread that exists here

We love the feedback! Don't forget to vote for the ideas you'd like to see on Pandora!

Thanks again for being part of community! Hope to see you around more. 

Local Performer

Is this going to happen before I change services? I need this cross fade feature.

On the Rise

How is still not available? Every other service has it.

It's a real buzzkill to hear that second gap when playing live albums or songs that blend into eachother.

Local Performer

Please add this feature. At this moment I am listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall on Spotify, as it was meant to be heard, with no gaps between songs that flow from one to the other. Pandora adds gaps, destroying the experience. If Pandora could play these albums correctly, I would drop Spotify. As it is, I keep Spotify for on-demand music and use Pandora for a radio type of experience (which Spotify **ahem** at). Please let me drop Spotify and pay you more money for Premium with gapless playback.