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Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to blend one song into the next so that there is no dead silence between tracks?

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Local Performer

Just moved here from Spotify and the crossfade is definitely needed here.

Local Performer

This is totally needed. On the Sonos with it enabled, it's awesome. I am a premium family user

Local Performer

The initial Feature Request was made 10-06-2019 08:31 AM, its is now 2 and 1/2 years later and there are over 200+ people who have liked this request.

Is this request even being looked at by Pandora developers? 

Local Performer

Gapless playback has been requested since 2019. It is a standard feature on Spotify, so it clearly can be done. Pandora's setup makes listening to certain albums almost impossible. 

Pretty simple, fix it or I grit my teeth and go back to Spotify. 

Local Performer

Seriously? No gapless playback?  No "back" button to play the previous song in a station? Please, Pandora, consider mirroring Spotify's features. 

I just switched to Pandora Premium this morning after CSNY pulled all their music from Spotify. 

I'm beginning to wonder if I can live without Stephen Stills and Neil Young and just go back to Spotify... 


Local Performer

Would love to see this as a feature. Pandora’s strength is it’s amazing radio stations/algorithms. But it feels more like a playlist than a radio station when the songs don’t crossfade.


Not having gapless playback also completely ruins some albums, especially Broadway albums where one song transitions straight into thr next. That's why I canceled pandora and use Spotify now.


Yea please. Crossfade! I listen to frequencies while sleeping. The abrupt end to each song makes it hard to sleep to. 

Local Performer

I need crossfaded can't believe you don't offer it. Thinking of switching to a service that does. It's pretty basic!



Seriously, this feature request has been languishing for years, and it's a very basic feature (especially gapless) that is available on every other streaming service I've used.

Are we getting a preview of the death of Pandora? It does sort of seem like more and more songs I've thumbed on my stations are unavailable or Radio Only...

It's a real shame to see the wonderful strides and effort of the Music Genome project languishing because Pandora isn't keeping up with the market. The algorithm is second to none, but I'm about fed up enough to deal with Spotify Stations instead of continuing to support a service that ignores it's user base.

Can you at least let us know why in hell this still has no forward motion?