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Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Ideas: Crossfade / Gapless Audio Playback

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to blend one song into the next so that there is no dead silence between tracks?

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Some ASMR tracks are described as "loopable" in the title. I presume this means that it ends the way it began, so that looping it gives you endless, uninterrupted audio. But the whole point of "loopability" is lost when Pandora inserts a gap!

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Spotify does cross fade beautifully.    Why can’t Pandora?

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I currently enjoy this  i m m e n s l y  in Spotify, with the option to crossfade up to 12 seconds between outgoing/incoming tracks. I am surprised & disappointed this capability hasn't been baked into Pandora yet, especially since the service is now 15+ years old.

I'm pretty satisfied with Spotify and only decided to give P a try to see if A) Pandora's algorithm is better and B) because of the abilit yto offline music directly onto Apple Watch storage.

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Did something about transitions recently change? I don't know if I missed an update or what, but the song transitions seem much different in the past couple days. The song will end with about 2 seconds left and immediately jump into another song, which is weird. No fade, just hard-right-new-song.

Regardless, the ability to select a time between songs, or an auto-fade setting, would be awesome.

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I can't believe this feature still hasn't been implemented.  Pretty much every other popular streaming service has this.  I switched my premium subscription to Spotify a year ago because I got tired the two-second gap between songs (really **ahem** when listening to live recordings or artists who blend one song into another).  I still think Pandora's music matching algorithm is the best though and I would probably switch back if they implement this feature.


I'd like to know why on EARTH the top 15 new feature requests have been languishing since the second half of 2019, and there's no information on if/when they are being/will be worked on or solved or whatever.

Is there any timeline for when we can hope that this'll be completed?

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YES!  ...and yes.

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I honestly prefer a couple seconds of pause between songs which allows for an album-like listening experience.

What I Strongly Dislike about Pandora is when a song ends by being cut off abruptly. Please fade the ends of your songs. This should be a default setting as well because it creates a much smoother and more pleasant listening experience. Add some adjustable settings for personal tastes and you will be golden.

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Come on Pandora get up to speed and put that crossfader feature and speed control. Other channels have it and it sounds great. The sound of your streaming service sounds great over my speakers ,so come on let's do this!!!👆👌

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PLEASE! add crossfade.