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Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to be able to enable a dark mode on the Windows APP version. I have a monitor tree setup with 4 monitors I use pandora on my top screen when I just need 3 screens for work.

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I was going to move back to pandora from spotify, but no dark mode, in 2023 unacceptable, I've already cancelled. 

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I don't think they actually care about customers, they probably don't even have anymore software developers adding new features. With such a basic feature missing, it's essentially abandonware. Sad, I love the algorithm but the brightness has made me go to Spotify.


Literally being blinded as I type this

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Almost 2024 and still no darkmode 😕

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You're thinking of fascism, not marxism. I'll take the bait out of boredom, from what I understand marxism describes a system designed to protect the worker from being exploited, essentially preventing a dissenting voice from being silenced economically, politically, or socially:

(shut up or I'll tell my friend to fire you, you said the thing that the tv said was socialism so you're dumb and I stopped listening, yeah he helped me fix a flat tire but he thinks that a bad apple will spoil the bunch so we cant be seen talking to that dirty commie)

I prefer dark mode due to a medical issue, maybe I trusted a bad brand of automatic welding shades or some combination of being at a computer for my work as a designer. opinions aside, if a light is bright enough, it will cause me physical pain. 

Here is the nuts and bolts though. to your computer, #ffffff is white and #000000 is black. its not rocket surgery to invert some colors.

regardless of that though, if someone wants to listen to pandora while they are wearing NVGs they are likely part of a multi person unit and therefore taking attention away from the field puts their team at risk of not hearing faint steps behind them or the subtle flick of a safety.

Anyway, theres your fish. Oh and if you really are a cop please dont let the bad apples get away with crimes, it makes every cop look bad.

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+1 for dark mode on the Windows app. Thanks!

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Do people actually still want things with a blank white background? General question. I see this is 4 years old. 

Can we get a dark mode?

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+1 here. I suffer from migraines and every thing I use on my computer and my phone is in dark mode so it doesn't hurt my eye and give me a migraine. This is the only app on my computer that I use that I can't do that with while I'm using it and it is wayyyy too bright for me to have open. 

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+1 for Dark Mode! It's been requested for years!! Or alternatively, create a mini-player on the taskbar that we can manage it without opening the app at all.

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4 Years now... +1 for dark mode on the Windows app. 🙂