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Ideas: Default station option

Ideas: Default station option

Status: Open Ideas

How to have shuffle open on start up of Desktop PC.  (Instead of the first station on list).

As of now I have to click "collection", "stations", "shuffle" in order to get to the place I desire.


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Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

@polemia I moved your post to our Feature Requests space to give others in the community a chance to upvote your suggestion as well.

Thanks for being a part of the community! 


Would like input as to making the start up of Pandora more user friendly. 

In particular when the desktop / laptop PC is the source of home sound system.

Would like to have a user default setting so Pandora opens on the desired play function.

Currently Pandora defaults to the first station on the user list.  I desire it to start up on "shuffle". Either All or Custom.

Currently when opening Pandora it is necessary to navigate multiple functions instead of a user friendly default function.  (Wait for loading, click "My Collection", click "Stations" click "Shuffle" select "All or Custom.)



I too want control of which station is the start-up default.

Local Performer

These requests seem elementary.  I feel the same, that when I play Pandora, I 'd like hearing a station or play mode of current, vs defaulted, choice. 


Local Performer

Need easy start to a default station or last used.

Local Performer

I would like this feature as well. It's a bit silly that the station which plays on startup is one I hardly listen to.

Opening Act

Such an option to control the opening station would certainly enhance the value of your product.

Local Performer



Customer Service, I am a Premium Subs.  When using the website on my MacBook Pro, it always opens to the "Classical Station" not to the last station I was listening to.

This is very annoying.  Ideally, I'd like the default to be my "Thumb Print Songs" or self-created playlist.

Please advise.




Been listening on Firefox for Mac, and it used to play the last station listened to, but for whatever reason it doesn't anymore. Mildly annoying, but certainly not the end of the world. Seems like it would be an easy thing to add, to let users choose a default station, and I for one would like to see it.


Would like to have the option to select a default:

- Station upon app startup

- Mode (discovery, deep cuts) when loading Pandora / mode when opening station


When I'm using Pandora in my car, it automatically loads whatever the app deems is its preferred station (used to be a kiddo station that I only use with my daughters, now seems to have shifted to a different one with no discernible direct cause), and almost always loads on My Station mode.  I'd much prefer it to always open in Deep Cuts or in Discovery, and on a station I select rather than one that Pandora obscurely designates as its winner of the Bachelor competition that day.