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Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to see a compact player option. Maybe by clicking a button and all you see is a small screen with the options to go next back thumbs up and play and pause on it. Sometimes I just want to switch screens and having the full application open can be a hassle. I want to see the work that I'm working on as well as paying attention to what music is playing.

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Local Performer

Please bring back the old tiny desktop app player ! It was so great to have down in the corner of my screen while working. I cannot stand the browser version. I resisted updating for many years and subsequently have the mini player on one computer and love it except that it is not updated enough to allow replays and skips like my paid account allows on my mobile Pandora app.



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Minimal player for the win.... let's try to avoid some crazy Adobe framework please.  

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Bring back the small player!!!!!  How could you possibly have deleted it in the first place???????

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There are times when I switch to the Amazon Music app precisely because there is no mini-player option for Pandora. All I want to see is the album cover and playback controls. I know it seems like a small thing, but it would be the thing that keeps me from ever using Amazon Music.

Local Performer

I would very much like to see the compact player version of the Pandora app. It shouldn't need to take the entire screen.  The old Pandora One was perfect. Please bring something like that back to the app.  These requests have been around for two years-not sure if Pandora folks are listening to our pleas.  I hope they are.

Opening Act

It's been 2.5 years since this request. What's the status on fixing this glaring oversight?

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Bring back the small desktop player.


Local Performer

Not only does a compact player sound great, but the fact that the current player has to be so wide of window to include the volume control is ridiculous.

Local Performer

For a long time I have been using the standalone program version "Pandora.exe" (PANDORA | ONE on the title bar - no unique name, non-standard PC install - does not show in "Program and Features").  I thoroughly enjoy its concise, well-thought-out, compact design and use it daily.  Judging from the other comments in the community, there is a large group of people that also enjoy this program.  Why, why, did you let a good thing die?? 

Recently, it has started dropping out ever so briefly when a new song starts - just a brief hiccup or two but very annoying.  Could Adobe Air (which it requires) be the culprit?  I would really appreciate getting this drawback fixed.  Unfortunately, it appears you no longer support  this program.  What a shame!  This program is way better designed than the one available in the Microsoft store!

Local Performer

I've been using the mini player from it's beginning. For some unknown reason the widow stopped showing up. Pandora runs and plays my most previous channel from other devices. I was unable to resolve it so I installed the latest version. Imagine my disappointment in that mini player no longer being available and the feature request to bring it back is 3 years old and with 7 pages of complaints. What is the value of Pandora over other choices without a mini player?