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Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to see a compact player option. Maybe by clicking a button and all you see is a small screen with the options to go next back thumbs up and play and pause on it. Sometimes I just want to switch screens and having the full application open can be a hassle. I want to see the work that I'm working on as well as paying attention to what music is playing.

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here is a link on how to make Spotify a mini player 

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I want the current Windows App to have some features.

     1) Of course, remember the Window Size... settings when it is closed and then then next time it is restarted.

     2) Have as complete as useful on the mini-player window, e.g.

          2.1) Control the Start/Stop, Next, Volume, Thumb Up/Down

          2.2) Show the current song playing.

     2.3) Have an Open/Close Medium-size window so that I can Toggle the Small (mini-player) and Medium-size window, and thus be able to either run the mini-playing functions or do the normal App functions.


As I see it the Mini-payer window is not maintained? and is only an "obsolete" product, see:

The shrinkage to the smallest possible window does not allow the window to be made as small as I would like it, and even at this size does not support the Volume function.



Definitely miss the smaller player! For me, the large player is taking up too much real estate. Would like an option. After years of Pandora, I'm now thinking about another service just because of the player UI.

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Amazon Music does not have a compact player, I don't use google music or Apple. I have heard there is a workaround for Spotify and it is posted in this thread already. I agree and simply want a small compact player to take up less desktop space. But the cool thing with Amazon music is that when the songs switch from one to another Windows notifications will get an alert and show you the song that just played or the song that just started. I never catch the alert with focus assist but it does help if you want to build a specific playlist when exploring new artists, songs, and genres. 


Enjoy your weekend, hopefully, someone at pandora will see this thread and advocate for a compact player view in the next update. 

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Wow...I just spent an hour trying to figure out what happened to the mini player I had before getting a new computer.  Totally dissatisfied with the app right now.  Listen to the people and bring the mini player back.

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Please add this feature. Running in the tray is idea to free up space on the taskbar. Currently, it is easier to just use chrome for pandora since I don't need to have another app open.

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Absolutely terribly application. I don't need a music app taking up so much space on my screen. What a joke. An album cover, an artist name, a song title, and minimal controls are needed to operate this app. Update your app from years ago and throw this thing in the trash. My app is stuck zoomed all the way out and is unresponsive to zooming in via hotkey or the view menu option. This is completely useless.


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Surprised to see that this small-player feature was removed while I was gone. Disappointed. +1K for a small float-on-top desktop player view or a menu item dropdown player. This is seriously a no-brainer. 

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Look into a (free) program called RBTray. It's a tiny executable that lets you minimize nearly any window to the tray.  Just download, and pop it in your startup folder. Tested and working on Pandora desktop app with windows 10. 



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Please bring back the small desktop player, I am used to working with that and Tim you can see I've been with you a long time! I'm 75 years old and this new set up is to complicated for this ole girl!