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Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to see a compact player option. Maybe by clicking a button and all you see is a small screen with the options to go next back thumbs up and play and pause on it. Sometimes I just want to switch screens and having the full application open can be a hassle. I want to see the work that I'm working on as well as paying attention to what music is playing.

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Add this 8-year Plus subscriber's vote for a desktop small player as on 2.0.10

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Agreed. Bring back the mini player!


Throwing my support at this as well. The old app from the Vista/7 days was perfect. My work machine blocks Windows Store apps, and my personal computer doesn't run Windows 10, so I want an alternative.

Opening Act

This is a three year old request. What's the status of the fix?

Feels like nothing doesn’t it. Please - smaller

Brady McCahey
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A mini player that floats on top of my other windows would be AMAZING!!! 

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Srsly. Anesidora (which you requested be shut down) had a much better compact UX, and the ideal minimalist UI for listeners like myself... who just want to listen.

C'mon Pandora - I've backed you since you first showed up on the scene. Don't make me go looking for an alternative because you're forcing me to use your "proprietary" UI (which um... isn't as good).

Since this feature request is nearly 2 years old... I don't have much hope. Prove me wrong (or at least re-enable Anesidora!)

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I would like to bump this idea from 4 years ago... I would love a compact version.


or even minimized to a Task Bar button with navigation buttons [thumb Down] [Repeat] [Play/Pause] [Skip] [Thumb Up] with a hover to show artist, song, and album art.. 

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+1 for bringing the compact app back! Or at least let me make the current window a lot smaller while still giving me my personal stations list. Right now if you make the window anything less than HUGE, your stations all disappear.

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The only thing that comes to mind is that Pandora will probably lose AD revenue.

They probably have promised a certain window real estate to their advertisers!