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Ideas: Disable accessory mode

Ideas: Disable accessory mode

Status: Open Ideas

Add option to disable accessory mode on iOS and Android So content can be controlled through the app in lieu of the plugged in accessory. Many accessories do not allow searching for music or accessing content not previously accessed. Therefore I must unplug the accessory, navigate to the content on the app, play the content and then plug back into the accessory. I find the accessory interfaces to be cumbersome and too simple in comparison to the app. 

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Go to: 

advanced settings from the Pandora app( gear icon ) 

turn off enable launch from car 

this will turn off the accessory mode. doesn’t matter apple or android 

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Someone found a solution:

If you turn off the “automatically connect to bluetooth” option, it will also deactivate the accessory screen for USB connection.

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I wish I could add to the previous complaints, but everything seems to have been said several times and for a while. Pandora get off your butt and fix this! We are paying customers and getters fed up with something so stupid and simple to fix.



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Even with a workaround, can we get an explicit setting to turn if accessory mode.

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I cannot believe this is still not fixed. Such garbage.  

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It is very frustrating. The way to turn it off is buried in settings

1. go to profile in app and hit the gear at the top

2. go to Advanced 

3. Turn off “Enable Launch from Car”



I turned off this setting and it didn't actually do anything. It definitely did not remove that black screen that blocks the app in the car.

It's extremely frustrating that this is the only music app that decides for its users how to use it and where.