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Ideas: Disable auto-generated playlists and stations

Ideas: Disable auto-generated playlists and stations

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I would like the option of choosing whether or not Pandora generates thumbs up playlists. Can this please be a feature a user has the option of turning on or off? While I can see that other uses like it, I personally don't want to generate tens or hundreds of other playlists. Then it just makes my playlist list long and crowded and I have trouble finding what I'm looking for. This is also when I start to think Spotify has a much better user interface. 

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Please add a toggle. This is so annoying. If I wanted to listen to my thumbs up songs then I would. I like to keep my station variety wide and these playlists are making me have to dig to find my stations. Yes I can delete them but I should have to considering I didn't make them!

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I agree, I'm a fan of Pandora specifically because it's NOT like Spotify. I don't want playlists, I want radio stations. At least give us an option to turn off automatic Playlist creation. I just delete all of the playlists. 

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An app that does something unsolicited is annoying.

An app that does something annoying which results in a crappy user experience should either be a fireable offense, or an immediate revert to the previous version

Autogenerated playlists create really annoying clutter and confusion. The response to delete them is tone deaf: "Dear User, please invest your time in manual tedium to cleanse the polluted entertainment experience we served to you."

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I don't like playlists.  There are 35 that have been created in my collection primarily under thumbs up. I like random order playback otherwise I should just listen to all the cassettes I recorded over the years of my life. Thankfully I have been able to digitize them so that the 1200+ songs I have can play in shuffled format.  I don't pay for pandora premium to start a station and know what song is going to play next. I have seen a shuffle option but haven't found it to work from my galaxy s21 ultra. I also cannot delete stations on my phone in the app; have to go to my pc and delete from chrome browser.. otherwise I love pandora premium!

I really like your idea. 

Take care and stay safe. 

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As everyone else has said... please put something in place so this feature can be disabled.  It is super annoying having tons of little playlists of like 20ish+ songs.  My playlists are far bigger and fewer.  I don't want to have a ton of little ones.

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Stop automatically adding stations! Every time I ask google to play a song or station and it screws up, which is often, it automatically adds this as a station and I have to manually go in and delete thee every so often. Why? And this has been going on for years! There are enough people complaining why don't you just take this off? I too have been a paying member for many many years and it isn't going to be long before I just use something else.

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PLEASE create an account setting or some other option to disable the automatic thumbs up playlist.  I don't want another auto-generated collection each time I hit thumbs up on a random station I'm listening to at the time.  Adding to my liked songs list is all I want...not a new playlist by station.

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I absolutely hate Pandora changing the songs it plays on the station I have created.  How do we get it back to the way it was before!


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Honestly even an option to hide the thumbs-up playlists would be sufficient for me, or have them automatically sort below my created playlists, etc. I love the thumbs feature, but I don't use the playlists they create - if I want something more specifc than Artist Radio, I usually know exactly what I want down to the exact song/album. I definitely prefer Pandora to Spotify but my playlist tab being 4x as many auto-generated playlists (that I don't listen to) as custom-made playlists (that I listen to frequently) is a hassle. Ultimately, it discourages me from using the thumbs feature despite how much I enjoy it, because I know that every time I thumbs-up something on a new station it will add a new list entry in the playlist tab for me to dodge.

Planning to experiment with the workaround of adding numbers or special characters to all my me-made playlists, so they at least all alphabetically sort to the same place.

Thanks for reading.