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Ideas: Enable treble, bass and other tone adjustments

Ideas: Enable treble, bass and other tone adjustments

Status: Open Ideas

i think that I should be able to adjust the treble and bass and any other tones that you can. Everyone should be free to listen to any song with however much bass or treble that they would like.

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Diamond in the Rough

@havokassilem87 , I also agree with this. Like with my death metal, I need the base at full blast to be happy! Hopefully this feature will be added soon. 

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Local Performer

Your phone should have an equalizer. It helps a little 


This would be a great feature to pandora

Local Performer

Get the Power Amp Equalizer, it makes pandora so much better! Pretty sure it has a free trial even though it was only like $2. There are a few steps involved to get it to recognize Pandora (just Google it or email their support) but nothing major & it definitely worth it. 

P.s. It makes the double bass kick lol

Screenshot_20211203-143403_Poweramp Equalizer.jpg

Screenshot_20211203-143412_Poweramp Equalizer.jpg

Opening Act

Pandora has three levels of audio play.

But using an equalizer defeats the purpose of the equalizer within the stereo..

I think Pandora overdrives music.. 

Local Performer

FYI Power Amp Equalizer is only available for Android devices. 

IOS can only have an EQ as part of any one particular player app.  I believe this is due to the architecture of IOS. 
Therefor Pandora needs to build this functionality into their app at least for IOS but has not done it yet even though there have been requests for it. 

Local Performer

For folks with Android and Verizon:

     Go to phone "settings"

      Press "Verizon adaptive sound"

       Set option to "music" then on the same page press "advanced audio settings" located at the bottom of the screen.

This page allows for generic and custom audio quality adjustments.

        You Are More Than Welcome!!!

I'm in agreement with other posts. Come on Pandora!! The customer is always right.