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Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Status: Open Ideas

Am I the only one who thinks we should have a way to exclude live performances from our listening experience? Make this happen.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@thinksdifferent I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Exclude Live Performance/Remixed Versions of Songs

Make sure to give this post a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service as well.

Hope we continue to see you around the Community! :pandora:

Local Performer

Holy **ahem**, ONE BILLION LIKES.

I immediately thumbs-down *ANY* live recording regardless of who it's by, how good it is, or whether I like it or not in the (apparently futile) hopes that Pandora will eventually learn that I don't like live recordings.

Add me to the "I hate the live version", "I don't like concerts", and "love the perfection of the studio version" lists.



Local Performer

I do find some of the live versions of songs to be annoying or not worth listening to, but I'd so much more like to filter out "Remix" versions of songs. Those I really hate. I wanna listen to the original song, not 23 different other artists' versions of it while I'm listening to a specific artist. I've literally had 3 different remixes of the same song come on in a row, are you kidding?

On the Rise

It would be nice if there was a way to select for the weekly playlists (my rock and roll soundtrack, my blues soundtrack, etc.) whether you want live songs included in the playlists or not.  Maybe even making a live playlist for listeners would be a great option but its not fun to skip over live songs when they are mixed in with recorded studio songs.

Local Performer

Please make this happen.

Local Performer

I created this username in hopes someone that can make a difference so they can understand, PEOPLE DONT LIKE LIVE VERSIONS!


Not all, but I would bet most people want to listen to the studio recording. My concern, is that the forums are a way for moderators to get people satisfied by listening to their concerns, without actually making any changes. The several threads I have found in a matter of moments would suggest this is a feature people want, and yes, I am a premium member, and would think that you dont have to con people into paying for things they already dont want.

Local Performer

Vote with your money, go somewhere else like I did.

If Pandora wants to save money by injecting live songs all the time, and they will not allow the ability to ignore/remove love music, then it's time to leave. Move to spotify like I did. It's worth the extra money. Pandora does not listen to it's customers, especially for something as simple as allowing customers to ignore live music. So they lost a paying customer with me over this one simple issue.

On the Rise

Im all for this but make it a toggle for station setting to either exclude or include. i have certain stations id like to hear remixes and others id prefer not to. same with live

Local Performer

I dont enjoy any live recordings of any band. The only live music I enjoy are the concerts I go to. The main reason I like going to the concert is interaction with people who jam on my peanut butter...You dig?