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Ideas: Grouping stations manually by genre, mood, etc.

Ideas: Grouping stations manually by genre, mood, etc.

Status: Open Ideas

I probably have 50 stations. I would love it if I could group them by kind: classical, world, French, female vocalists, etc.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@sukimonster I moved your post into this existing feature request: Grouping stations by genre/mood/ etc.

While this is not currently a feature, I recommend upvoting this thread with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!

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Awesome! I knew I wasn't the only one. Hope this feature rolls out somewhere down the line.


I sure wish I knew what people are talking about re: not getting repeats. I only get repeats. I have to click click click through the repeats often. I have "stations" but there are often only a few songs on them. And, can you still not group by genre? I've got at least 15 stations now that shuffle click click click click finally then click click because I've either heard them before or I have to shuffle through five stations that aren't the genre I want to listen to at the time. 

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I don't understand why Pandora does not have this.  I find not having the ability to group into folders a huge negative - way too much trouble to find the music I want to listen to.

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I’m surprised the ability to group stations by genre or user preference hasn’t been addressed yet. I love Pandora, but not having this feature is frustrating. 


#1 - Love my Pandora Premium. Great service!

#2 - I'd like to be able to create custom folders (or at least tags) so I can group my different collections in a way that makes sense to me. For example, I have several Christmas stations that I only listen to during the holiday season. It's be nice if I could put them in a folder so they don't clutter up my list of other stations. Example of folders for my stations I might create are:

  • Christmas
  • Chill / Trip Hop
  • 80s 
  • Funk

I'd also like this same functionality for my podcasts, etc.

Thanks, in advance, for considering my request!

- Josephine


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Three pages and three years of requests for this MOST desirable feature (I have wanted/needed it for MANY years) ... and nothing but repeated "Thanks for the input!" responses. Yeesh.

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Yes.  The ability to group stations into folders would be a game changer!  Please make this happen!

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I've collected many stations over the years since first joining Pandora and it's to the point that navigation is cumbersome.  With the existing sorting options, regardless of which format is used, the stations are still a jumbled mess, e.g. jazz, heavy metal, funk, bluegrass, opera, and rock are all peppered in together.

Allowing users to arrange or group stations manually would greatly improve your product's function and ease of use for existing customers and attractiveness for potential new users.  I've read similar suggestions dating back a few years so I know I'm not alone in this assessment.  Here's hoping.  Thank you.

Opening Act

If you will not implement this feature can you please come up with a good workaround?  I would like the ability to have something to group by tags so I could have something like "music for the massage table" and "I want to make devil horns and bang my head".