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Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Status: Open Ideas

How about higher audio quality?  Amazon has introduced this feature, and others have been ahead of Pandora as well.  It would be great to have the Genome Project advantage with higher audio quality.  Do others agree?

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I get that…. You make a good point… Having said that my take on this, only my opinion, is that the extra bandwidth would be minimal. After eliminating commercials at about $5 it would be very hard to justify another $5.99 for better sound for me. Subscriptions have already become onerous and I don’t want to pile on even more expense. But they will charge what the market will bear and I may be an outlier in this respect.
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I hear ya. AND... In February 2019, satellite radio giant
SiriusXM announced it had completed the acquisition of Pandora in a
$3.5 billion all-stock transaction.
They probably don't give a **ahem** about Pandora anyhow. IT'S SINCE

I don't know the logistics of beaming music from 23,000 miles above
the Earth but I can't say SiriusXM Satellite radio's quality is any
better... probably worse than Pandora.

I use Tidal for CD quality. the Pandora genome thing for choosing
music to play is unmatched but the quality of "Master"
quality is the best in my opinion.
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I too expect better sound quality. That is why I left for Tidal over a year ago.


Also please get the queue function on my laptop using the web and not a app!


Clock is ticking I will wait two months and if nothing changes I will be gone for good.



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I have switched to Tidal for the high quality audio. I will switch back to Pandora immediatly if they offer high quality lossles audio. 

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I too am on Tidal now. like listening to CDs (and better).
I can actually hear all of the sounds in the music again!

Adios!  This long time subscriber lost interest in Pandora.  Better options available.  Buying CD's again (one time expense, forgot how amazing they sound!) and for anywhere/streaming, really enjoying TIDAL HiFi Plus!!

  • Innovative Audio Formats Up to 9216 kbps Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi
  • 90M+ songs and 450K+ videos
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline with unlimited skips
  • TIDAL Connect Listen in all innovative and immersive audio formats on your supported devices
  • Direct Artist Payouts Up to 10% of your subscription is directed to the artists you listen to the most
  • Track and share how your listening habits impact your favorite artists
  • Expert curated playlists
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Pandora should leapfrog other technologies and stream in HD. It would help them with greater market share.

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New here are you? we've been shouting this for a couple of years
now. Pandora doesn't care.

Pandora hasn’t answered or acknowledged any of this and probably don’t even read these anymore. Sad to say it’s just probably not going to happen, people. If they can’t even reach Apple Music / Spotify standards after all these years — don’t hold your breath for hi res. 

I've given up and no longer use the service.

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