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Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Status: Open Ideas

How about higher audio quality?  Amazon has introduced this feature, and others have been ahead of Pandora as well.  It would be great to have the Genome Project advantage with higher audio quality.  Do others agree?

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Yeah I've been using Tidal and Amazon Music HD. I've been leaning towards Tidal because for some reason it even sounds good via Bluetooth with aptX Adaptive Audio codec from Qualcomm. Of course it sounds optimal when streaming with a DAC.

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So we will never get a response from anyone at Pandora. @Pandora 

it is math.

Infrastructure will cost x

bandwidth will cost y

subscription will pay z

if z > x + y




All for it

subbed for years...

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Yes please, I'm looking for CD quality to stream through my home theater system.

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Pandora and Tidal are both music streaming services, but they cater
to different needs and offer varying levels of audio quality. Let's
compare their quality bitrates:

Pandora: Pandora offers different audio quality depending on the type
of subscription you have and the device you are using. Their bitrate
offerings are as follows:
* Free users: 64kbps for web users, 128kbps for mobile users.
* Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium subscribers: 192kbps for web
and mobile users.

Tidal: Tidal is known for its focus on high-quality audio streaming,
offering two main tiers of audio quality:
* Tidal Premium: Standard quality, which offers 320kbps AAC
(Advanced Audio Codec) streaming.
* Tidal HiFi: Lossless CD-quality, which offers 1,411kbps FLAC
(Free Lossless Audio Codec) streaming. Tidal HiFi also includes
access to Tidal Masters, which streams at 24-bit/96kHz MQA (Master
Quality Authenticated) for certain tracks and albums, providing an
even higher level of audio quality.

In conclusion, if audio quality is your primary concern, Tidal offers
significantly higher bitrates than Pandora, especially with its HiFi
tier, which provides lossless CD-quality and even higher-resolution
MQA streaming. However, if you're satisfied with standard audio
quality and more interested in other factors like personalized radio
stations, Pandora might be more suitable for your needs.
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MQA is not higher quality than flac. It's a meme they've pushed on the industry and should be avoided. Multiple people have analyzed the output to find compression artifacts. Artifacts flac does not have. Adding bit depth and sample rate doesn't make up for this.


If you want to support the scam, that's your prerogative. It's still a better value scam than paying for Pandora.


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I use Spotify as well as Pandora.  Spotify's streaming rate is 320.  Is there some reason that Pandora can't match this?

Yes, Pandora doesn't care at all. Everyone in this trail has been asking
Pandora to improve for years and they even have offered to pay more for
premium sound. The request fall on deaf ears. Pandora was the leader in
streaming and music genome when they started, and now it's an also ran that
doesn't do anything to improve its business or serve its customers.
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Yes please, Dolby 5.1 at a minimum. 

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No Dolby. Master quality streaming same quality as Tidal please. Stereo
only will do just nicely.