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Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Status: Open Ideas

How about higher audio quality?  Amazon has introduced this feature, and others have been ahead of Pandora as well.  It would be great to have the Genome Project advantage with higher audio quality.  Do others agree?

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Local Performer

Absolutely. The only reason I subsribe to Spotify and not Pandora Premium is the audio quality issue. Spotify radio is nowhere near as rewarding as Pandora, but...I need high quality audio and am willing to spend more time curating my stations at Spotify for that reason alone. 

Diamond in the Rough

Any movement on this? Sure would like to know what the Pandora future holds.

Local Performer
Tidal is now offering MQA - that's actually above "redbook" CD audio quality 16 bit 44khz I can't speak to "consumer at large" but I definitely would consider paying a premium for quality audio streaming. maybe "build it and they will come"? Suggestion to offer it, promote it... educate consumers on why it makes a difference and what kinds of playback hardware is required to enjoy a much more rewarding audio experience. There was a time when consumers would spend thousands of dollars on stereo equipment - often lots of dicretionary income they could barely afford just to enjoy high quality audio (I'm one of them - dating myself)
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I signed up for a 90 day trial of Amazon HD which is much higher quality.

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I agree. Higher audio quality is needed and would be most appreciated.
Local Performer

Well i use Pandora all the time but this is the first time that i can't hear the words in anything the background nois is all i can hear

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We absolutely need higher audio quality, switching from Pandora to Apple Music while listening to the same song makes a huge difference. Apple Music is streaming at a higher and sounds so much clearer. Please, please increase the higher quality audio rate to at least 256

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Pandora is so much better in so many ways than the other platforms in my opinion, but the one area where it truly lacks is audio quality. Switching between Apple Music and Pandora while listening to the same song has an obvious difference. Having an option that is at least 256 kb AAC would be great, 320 would be even better.
Local Performer

Deezer and Pandora user here.  Have kept Pandora because I love the stations.  I use Sonos at home and Deezer HiFi (CD Quality) sounds a lot better to me.  When I want to focus on an album or playlist I use Deezer.  

Will be moving away from Pandora to save a bit of money.  Deezer just discounted it's prices due to Amazon offering better quality.  Would love for Pandora to offer another tier and would sign up immediately.  If they don't offer a higher tier it's time to move on.  

Local Performer

When is pandora going to improve audio quality like it's competitors?