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Ideas: Language preference for stations

Ideas: Language preference for stations

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to control what languages you hear music in? It's really REALLY frustrating to try listening in any language other than English. 

Here's the crazy part: if you search for a German song and let it autoplay, Pandora will play pretty much only German bands. But if you actually start a station with German bands or songs, it plays almost exclusively in English and in incompatible genres. It is a horrible listening experience. 

Does it make any sense to start a station with German metal songs and then have the station play 2 Irish folk songs in a row? No. I don't like sitting around hitting thumbs down on 50 songs in a row while I wait for something I actually want to hear. 

I've been using Pandora for nearly 12 years but I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription and using something else because of this. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Krümelmonster I moved your post to the Feature Requests space as there isn't currently a way to select a language preference on your account.

This will give others around the Community to upvote your suggestion, and express their interest in getting it added to the service well.

We appreciate your feedback! 


Ooh, having the ability to filter by languages would be AWESOME. Maybe a setting for playlist/station with a drop down box or somehow able to add what languages you want to listen to for a given station.

Local Performer

This seems like a useful feature! I feel like setting your language per station could be complicated, but even a field on my profile where I can specify my language would be fantastic! I'm a little disappointed when I get ads in languages I don't understand, and I guarantee that isn't helping the company who paid to have the ads played.




I would love a selection of language.

I do not speak any other language but English and it is frustrating to listen to an AD in another language. 

Please consider adding this feature.

Thank you

Local Performer

+1 on the request to be able to specify my primary language for ads and website content to display in.  Todays blended cultures mean that demographic info isn't going to be a good predictor of what language I want to read / hear. 


I could be living in a foreign country and prefer a language other than the official language of the country.  I could be trying to learn a new language and want to do a personal immersion experience.  

I could self identify with a particular ethnic background in a particular geographic region and not speak the language my background would suggest I might prefer.

There are a lot of use cases for someone wanting a particular language. Instead of trying to guess what I might want, why not just ask me?  

Opening Act

Or how about a “not this language” option?  I love listening to folk music from around the world, and while I love my native English language, folk music styles are very different across both geography and language.  This would be great for more variety.

Local Performer

Okay, so I get that I can thumb down a remix or live version to avoid that version of the song without affecting the original. However, isn't it also true that if you thumb down the same artist enough times, you will block that artist completely from your station?

I want to stop Pandora from playing the Japanese version of songs that are by Korean artists. My station seems to NEVER play a Korean song when there is a Japanese version available. I don't want to thumb down every Japanese version, because some artists have several Japanese versions of their songs (like BTS), and I don't want to accidentally ban BTS from my station. I just want to hear the original Korean versions of the songs since I can understand the lyrics and sing along. I don't understand Japanese, and don't want to hear random mouth sounds in my music. I want to hear actual lyrics that I understand.

I get that you want to expose me to new music or whatever, but lyrics are a huge part of any song, so it helps if I can actually understand what they're saying, even if the song is new to me. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ShieldsCW I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Language preference for stations

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this option added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

Local Performer

Hey I would like for my Pandora to be turned in to the language in spanish.wsht do I need to do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@sanchezmon1968 I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Language preference for stations

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this option added to the service.

In the meantime, try creating some stations based off of some of your favorite Spanish artists/tracks.

Hope this helps!