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Ideas: Listening Statistics for Playlists / Stations / Albums / Songs

Ideas: Listening Statistics for Playlists / Stations / Albums / Songs

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to request station specific listening statistics. For example, I have had pandora for 5 years, and throughout almost all of that time, my most listened to station is Marina and the Diamonds Radio. Yesterday I wanted to find out exactly how long I had listened to that exact station, but there is not an option for that other than a year review.

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Nerd alert....I'd like to see some stats on each song and album~ Like how many listeners and such. 

Local Performer

Is there a way to find listening habit stats or anything like that? I know you can find total hours played for pandora total but is there anything else to read about my account?



@nelomah Pandora will give out those stats within a month or so. They post those once a year, last year it was posted in October, my guess is they will do the same this year. Keep checking back from time to time. Take care and stay safe.