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Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Status: Open Ideas

Hi everyone.  I'm super annoyed with Alexa creating a new station everytime it misunderstands what we requested.  It creates dozens of new stations every week and adds it to My Collection.  We need a way to prevent this behavior.  Maybe a lock mechanism where you need a three digit pin number to create a new station, that way Alexa or the kids won't create stations I don't want.

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In addition to this, my Echo has recently decided that rather than playing an existing station when requested, it creates a new station based on a song with a similar title to the name of my station. I've tried every combination I can think of: "play x radio on Pandora", "play x on Pandora", "Play a station on Pandora". It's convinced that it's doing the right thing and it's certainly not mishearing me. 

I'm going to try to rename the station to something less ambiguous, but that shouldn't be what I have to do. 

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So annoying!! My sister has a station called "10cc Radio" that has been playing perfectly for her for years. It's easy listening music based on "Things You Do For Love" by that band. In the last couple of months, no matter how slowly, clearly, loud I say it to Alexa, she insists on playing "10 City Radio" which is some hip-hop sounding band I don't care for. I have gone into my Alexa Activity feed and listened to my recorded voice and it sounds perfectly like "10cc" not "10 City." I can get her to shuffle 10cc, but not play the station on Pandora.

Please make this a feature!!!!!!😠

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Especially don't create a station called something other than I said, when I said the Exact name of my station!

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Just realized the exponentially growing station list was being created from having Alexa find and play a song - now saddened to see that there is no direct or obvious way to stop it - has anyone tried asking Alexa to stop creating stations on Pandora?


I'm having the same issues. This started about two weeks ago. I use Alexa for convenience. When I have to spend time troubleshooting instead of enjoying eventually it will be disconnected and removed. This needs fixed or I will stop using the device(s).

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Yes please fix this behavior! I said to Alexa today, "Play the orchestral radio station from Pandora" and it says "Now playing the London Symphony Orchestra station on Pandora." It created a new station! I even tried renaming my station on Pandora to "Josh's Orchestra Music" and when I request it by name it still creates a London Symphony Orchestra station. When I request the "Hymns" radio station it creates a country hymns radio station. I simply want Alexa to pull from MY created stations.


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Couldn't agree more!! I have 244 stations i just discovered were created! Who has time for this?!?


How difficult is it to stop Pandora from creating a new station when it fails to find a requested song or station? This results in the creation of many new stations which ultimately overflow your catalog, ultimately deleting stations that you curated and want to keep, all in the background without your knowledge.


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Is there really no answer for this?  I'm ready to save myself an hour of my life every month by disconnecting Pandora from Alexa altogether.  How is this still going on after so many years???!!!

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I HATE having stations created by Alexa just because it didn't understand my request or have a song readily available in it's library. I thought I'd be able to turn off this feature in settings but I cannot. Very disappointed and annoyed at the stupid unwanted stations that I constantly have to weed through and delete.