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Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Ideas: Make Listening History Available

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It would be great to have a history of all of the songs that have been played on my Pandora profile page- much in the way all of my YouTube history is available for me to view (and even edit).

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I listen on my Xbox while playing game. I'm usually good with noticing a new song on my station, and go to thumbs-up it if I like it. However, on more than one occasion, I go to the app and it gets an error and can't do anything till I restart it... I don't get why they can't put the thumbs on the sidebar. There's a back, play/pause, and skip button... If there was a listening history somewhere, it wouldn't be a problem. It's such a simple thing too. Almost every other music service has it...

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Can u make history available?


what's so frustrating about this is that it's likely already being collected and stored somewhere, they just don't make it available to their users

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Well said.

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When does this become a thing? 

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Maybe they fired they're veteran software engineers. Then the new engi's didn't know how to work with the code and started deleting features. Or some mean boss came along and started cutting features in order to save money. Or they are just obtuse

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Does anyone know how to access the files for lifetime listening history? Spotify has a request data option and they send you JSON files. I was hoping to do the same with Pandora so I can merge my listening history from both. 

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@tranquilfathoms I moved your post over to this existing thread: Ideas: Make Listening History Available

While this option is not currently available on Pandora, make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️ if you'd like to see it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the community! :pandora:

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I would really love to see a listening history added to this app, even if it was just something in my settings. For instance, YouTube has a very accessible history option that you can see. TikTok also has a watch history but it is nestled in the settings. Either is fine, I would just like the option to exist. The app kind of already has it, but it doesn’t update when songs begin to auto play, it only tracks the song that was initially chosen.