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Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great to have a history of all of the songs that have been played on my Pandora profile page- much in the way all of my YouTube history is available for me to view (and even edit).

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I agree as well.  This should be a basic option.  What's the deal?

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Please make this change 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Shakiera 👋 I moved your post over to this existing feature request to keep this forum organized. Thanks so much for being a member of the community! 🎹

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I know there may be licensing issues but saving a simple list of the artist and songs from prior sessions on my PC to save space your servers would be great.  I know I can see a thumbs up list but I listen to a fair amount of music every day and would love a list from the past few days or weeks to review. thx

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting to the FR board @insideyoga! I moved your message over to an existing request that is very similar. 

Don't forget to ❤️. Thanks for being part of community!

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I use a desktop app for Pandora Premium and would like to be able to look back at songs that have played in order to purchase them.   Just need the title and artist and I don't need a history from more than a couple of hours ago.   Site could keep these in a cookie.  Sheesh.   BUT... the music genome blows my hair back.  So much better than some other streaming sites I've tried.  

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Ya Pandora, this isn't rocket science. 

Spotify does a great job with this. 

Take note!


Would love to backtrack all songs during session on lockscreen or anywhere besides opening the app. Also for it to work with Siri. Good luck team!
Please do this feature change, you all would be legends.


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I also support this, although I realize there might be storage limitations. but I think say the last 100 songs should be viable. and that would help me with my classic rock station especially; I thumb up a song once and don't realize I thumbed it up again off a greatest hits album, and a music anthology, and a soundtrack, and their next greatest hits album, and their singles album, and their box set, all of which Pandora seem to consider as different songs. do I need to point out the remixes?

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I would be willing to pay a little extra for this feature if it is truly a storage/budget limitation preventing this from happening. It used to be available and was a savior when you weren't able to see/check what song was playing at the time, or remembered it long after it played and weren't able to thumb up at the time.