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Ideas: Merge multiple Pandora accounts

Ideas: Merge multiple Pandora accounts

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It would be really great if the option to merge your two email accounts together. I have a account I have had for over 10 years and this tear I had to create a new account and I am so upset I no longer have my soundtracks already personalized, I have to thumbs up everything I have already thumbs up before, etc. I have to start over and it would just be a great feature to be able to merge.

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From the thread it sounds like it’s possible to share stations from one account to another. I, too, started a new account leaving an old free account with dozens of “stations” behind. Is there any way to find the old account and share the stations to the new plus account?

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Please add this 

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Still waiting for an update.  Would like to upgrade to a family plan with my spouse. This is a loss of revenue for Pandora.

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That is a wonderful idea but until the can or do make that change our best bet is to follow ourselves and listen there a pain in the arse but I needed my stuff back too and found that this issue had still not been resolved.