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Ideas: More features / options for thumbs and skips

Ideas: More features / options for thumbs and skips

Status: Open Ideas

I would love if it there was such a thing as a double or triple thumbs up for songs!  For some songs, a single thumbs up doesn't adequately express how much I love a song!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Keep the suggestions coming! 🎵👍

Opening Act

I would also like the ability to indicate why a song fits a station such as genre, style, theme, artist, tempo, etc.

What you're talking about is having control over the music DNA of your channel.  I put in a feature request for this:

Opening Act

If you could prioritize different music genomes over each-other, you'd be able to get the effect of super like and super dislike:

Local Performer

I would love the feature to add a song to another station. It's hard to thumbs down a great song, but I really like my channels to stick with their respective themes.

Local Performer

If I had one complaint about the thumbs up option on Pandora it would be that it overreacts. I'm listening to a station, I like one song and all of a sudden the entire station is completely different.

I have two examples:

1. Pantera radio: Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth came on. I gave it a thumbs up and it turned in to the Metallica station. I even went and undid the thumbs up, but the station never went back to what it was.

2. Eagles radio: I liked a Toto song (Hold the line) and I never heard another Eagles song again. [update]: Matchbox Twenty is playing on Eagles radio right now. Nothing against them, but they should not be on Eagles radio. All because I liked Toto...Fix this Pandora.

If the just dialed back the weight of a thumbs up it would be much nicer. I'm afraid to like something now for fear that it's going to ruin a station I really like.


Hi @tizlub! Thanks for being part of community!

I moved your message over to our Feature Request board, since this is the best place for feedback.

There is actually a great idea for this already: Being able to provide degrees of thumbs up and thumbs down

Please be sure to vote ( ❤️) if you like this idea, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point. 

Thanks for posting!


Local Performer

There are different reasons you may Thumbs down a song. you may like a song but don't want it as part of a specific station, or you may like the artist but not like that song, or you may not like the variety of music, ie, country station playing 'country music' that sounds more like hip hop or rap. this would help fine tune stations so that you can have better control over the music.

Opening Act

There should be a way to specify within a thumbs down whether this is just a bad track/bad album by an artist you like (Like the filler skits and intros you get on a lot of hiphop albums, for example, or the hidden track ones with 15 minutes of silence at the end or the beginning.) or Never, Ever show me this artist again, or Never, ever show me this entire genre again, or I like this song but it's on the wrong station, move it to a different station.

Local Performer

I subscribe to Pandora instead of Tinder because I like the things I **ahem** with to be as good as your algorithm, but if there's one thing Tinder's doing right, it's saying "I REALLY want to **ahem** with THAT."

Songs you want to hear every 10 or 50 times--very much once a day for the station or 2-3x for long days.

Local Performer

often when I'm jamming out to some music and go to try to thumbs it up it already is, so what I'm proposing is that there be a little 'like' button to the side of it that you can press once per listen so you can fine tune your station to what kind of music you like at the moment, but the gravity of the tune fades over time so you aren't listening to the same three songs over and over.