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Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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Local Performer

If we cannot sort playlists on our mobile device, Pandora should at least sync our mobile to our desktop preferences.  I can sort the playlists  alphabetical on the desktop but not on my iphone.  Sync our desktops to our mobile devices PLEASE!!!

Local Performer

I would love to see my collection sortable into artist, album, songs, playlists, and stations available on their own tabs. Subcategories, eg Artist 》 Green Day 》 American Idiot etc. This would make searching through my collection much easier than the current version which has everything, playlists, stations, downloaded singles, and downloaded albums together in one long and confusing menu.

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I am in support of this too. It was on my Pandora Plus, but not Pandora Premium in the app. I think A to Z, by date added, and most recent as options for sorting.

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Yes, Sort the Album Collection by Artist instead of Title of the Album would be a good start. Even if it's only by first name like iTunes it would still be better than sorting the albums by title only. That is lame. Especially in Premium.
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I agree, need to be able to sort stations alphabetically. Seems very basic and available on your lower tier products but why not on Premium? Please fix this soon. Thanks 

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I love the Premium version. Except that the station sorting option is GONE!! Now I can't sort alphabetically and just scroll for days trying to find the one station I want that I created years ago. Why isn't this an option for Premium but it is an option for cheaper/free versions? That's ridiculous. 

Local Performer
I would love to see an ability on MOBILE to make "my collection" alphabetical or sort by stations, then songs, then podcasts, etc... My collection right now looks like a train wreck!

Any traction on this, please??? I'm using the Android app and I can't see an option to sort My Collections at all. It takes me forever to scroll through every single one of my collections for the one that I want to play.

I mean, really, it's sorting. You add a button that says "options", you have it pop up a dialog that has a "Sort By" drop-down, and you put "alphabetical" and "whatever random sorting the default is" in there. User clicks, preference gets saved to local storage, My Collection uses that option to sort output.

This can't possibly take more than 2 weeks for a single dev to implement, and let's say 2 weeks to test, and 2 more weeks to roll out to production. We should be able to have this feature by the end of February.

Without this feature, when I want to listen to something specific, I have to choose between the pain of going through a huge random list one at a time, or using a competing song app that can just give me what I want. There is business value to this feature.

Opening Act

Being able to sort alphabetically seems like it should be pretty basic option.

Local Performer

Yes please add a sort function for playlists. It would be so much better to be able to sort by song, artist , genre to name a few.