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Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Status: Open Ideas

I want to move songs from one station to a new station.  How best to do this? Thx

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Right now I have two active stations I listen to. Both are a very similar genre, but one of them is for when I want to sing along, and one is for mostly instrumental music when I'd rather focus more on working. I've recently come across two songs that are somewhat new to me.

On the primarily instrumental station, I've come across a great song to sing to, and on the station I sing along to I've found a great instrumental song. If I want to keep listening to these songs, I should give them a thumbs up, but then they're on the wrong station. I'll often give them a thumbs down so that they don't appear on the wrong station, and hope they show up on the right one, but sometimes they never show up. One solution to this is to just give the song a thumbs down, and then Add Variety to the station that I want to have the song on. However, there are a few downsides to this approach.

First off, it's more work to open up a different station, and add variety from there, compared to other actions like adding the song to my collection or giving it a thumbs up. 

Second, The song doesn't always show up just because it's been added to the station via Add Variety button. In fact, I've started at least one station where the song that I based the station off of never played at all (I know you're out there; by Stephanie Mabey). It was a less well known artist, but it was kind of disappointing that it never showed up. Maybe it would have eventually showed up, but I can't make it show up more frequently without giving it a thumbs up, and I can't give it a thumbs up until it plays.

The third problem is created by what I just mentioned; you can't give a thumbs up until the song plays. As someone who loves using the Thumbs Up Playlists that I get as a part of Premium, this means that I can't permanently add the song to the playlist until it shows up. (I can add it temporarily, but I believe it removes the added song when I give a new song a thumbs up, because the added song is not thumbed up on that station.)

Originally I was only going to request that a song added to the Thumbs Up Playlist should be thumbed up on the station it comes from. However, I think that it would also be extremely useful if I could select a song that's playing, and press, "This song fits another station" (just like adding it to a playlist), and have it added to a different station, either via giving it a Thumbs Up on that station, or through Add Variety (as long as the song eventually plays). This would make it a lot easier for me to listen to new songs on stations that they wouldn't have normally appeared on.

Thanks for your consideration of these features! 

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Voran thanks for posting to FR 👋🏻. I moved your message to an existing request that is very similar: How to move songs from one station to another?

Don't forget to ❤️, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

Keep in mind, thumbs are stations specific, thumbing up or down on one station will not effect songs on another station. I would definitely keep using and balancing your thumbs on each station to help the direction you'd like the station to go into. 

Also, you should be able to add songs that haven't been thumbed up to your 'My Thumbs Up Playlist'. They shouldn't be removed as long as you've saved the changes. However, we are aware of a bug that is effecting Android devices when trying to edit playlists and it sounds like this may be happening with you. I would recommend following the thread Unable to Edit Playlists on Premium, updates will be provided as they are made available. 

Thanks again for posting and being part of community! 

Local Performer

It has been a while since I've created a new station, but I've been finding new genres lately.  Trying to set up the new station, only to see music from other, similar stations coming in.  

Was looking all over for the "Move to another station" option, as that is how I kept similar stations distinct in the past.  Very unhappy to see this feature has been removed.  And that the first reply on this thread is "Oh, what a good suggestion, we should do that!"  You USED TO DO THAT.  You REMOVED it.  

You have me questioning whether or not I should continue using Pandora.  


Adding my voice here to these other fine folks.  Being able to tweak stations by moving songs between stations was SO useful.  Please bring this back, guys.


Please bring this feature back.  I used to subscribe as well, but with the "enhancements" and not being able to tailor my stations to what I want them to be, no value in subscribing beyond skipping commercials.  But being a father of 6 I can just tune out the ads.

As an example, I have  a Lindsey Sterling station and one of her songs came up on one of my other stations that I don't want it on.  Being able to move it and tune my stations makes a huge difference in Pandora's functionality.  I don't  want to thumb down the song, I love the song, but I do want it on another station.  It would be helpful to clarify if a thumb down affects just the station it's playing on, or all of them.


Thank you.

Local Performer

Adding my voice to this: 
I REALLY want the "move this song to a different station" feature back. I was waiting for it arrive on the iPhone app, pretty shocked and disappointed to see it's just gone entirely. 

Local Performer

I liked this feature and used to use it occasionally, but not often.  Now that I've started using the "Discovery" and "Deep Cuts" modes for my stations, I'm wanting to use this all the time.  I really want this back!   I have around 30 stations very finely tuned.  Songs that are older but from the same artists don't go on the same playlist as the new stuff, etc.  Hard rock, pop metal, power metal are all different stations.   Texas Hippie Coalition cannot go on the same station as Ratt.

Local Performer

PANDORA!! PLEASE bring this back!! It went away so I went to the paid version hoping this would be in the paid version.

I don't want The Clash on my film score station! 

This was a product defining feature!

Does anyone else here know if other services offer this feature?

On the Rise


Longtime pandora user here. I haven't used pandora much in 5-8 years but with Google Play hitting the chopping blocks I'm looking for a new service vs subscribing to youtube music. Back when I used pandora much more often there was a feature I believe it was called listen to on another station. This would thumbs down a track on the current station and thumbs up a track on whatever other station you chose. Is that option no longer available? 

As well is there an option to add thumbs to a station and or add variety to a station that was created from a prebuilt pandora station?

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @EmperorJJ1! Thanks for visiting the Feature Request Board. 

While this is currently not a feature of Pandora, getting feedback like yours helps us develop products and features that we know our community wants to see.

If your suggestion receives votes from other customers and gains popularity, it will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.
Watch this space for status updates. In the meantime, try visiting our Listener Lounge to talk with other listeners about all things music.
Thanks for being part of community!