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Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Ideas: Music videos or visualizer

Status: Open Ideas

Some sort of visualizer mode would be cool to see. I'd like to see it when casting from my phone to my TV. Would be a fun feature on all possible platforms.


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I tend to have my phone propped on the treadmill or screened to my tv while I workout. Having a moving graphic that adjusts to the beat rhythm and style of the song would be great to keep listeners in the mood. I was thinking flashing colors and cool visuals would keep listeners engaged.

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Agreed.  A visualizer that reacts to the music beats would be awesome.   Not only does it prevent our TV's from any kind of burn ins but would be pleasing to watch. I often use Pandora while cleaning or hosting and would like the TV to have some ambience.  When cooking or cleaning, Id rather have music playing on the tv with a screensaver vs a TV program on.  I remember when Windows had a wide variety of screensavers to choose from,  now limited.  

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Bumping this up for attention, this would be a WELCOME addition to the Pandora platform. 

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Yes!  Now introducing the new Visual-EYEZ-er with Pandora!

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I mean Winamp has one. 

As does Windows Media Player.

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Exactly, features include .... examples not going to get into the details, this should have already been done.

-You're a fan of the ___team and having pre/post-game party. You can choose your team colors or logo visualization.
-Customize with text for events such as; holidays, birthdays, graduation, anniversary etc.
-Ability to tune/choose the visualization to fit the mood or desired abeyance. You could use the album art itself to create a visualization.
-My collections to include visualizations that can be applied, radio station, artist genre, etc.
-Artist Live- you select this and instead of just hearing it live you see it for that song/performer in your playlist.
-Additional data collection enhancement for other markets. I use the live feature on a song for Jewel and use the 49's visualization. You get the idea. Start thinking....

Artist promotion/information: Player can be overlayed or presented with a click as it is today.
Cost: Waiting for a larger response or demand in your forum? How many know what is meant by a visualizer? Will it really draw more subscribers? There is a market already for visualization tools. Here are 11 that are free simply to look for some ideas.

I'm done
11 Best Music Visualization Tools (Free) | Inspirationfeed<>
A music visualizer refers to an audio player software which generates animated imagery that follows the rhythm, tempo, loudness, and frequency spectrum of audio music. An efficient music visualizer should generate the imagery and render them in real time, so…
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I was listening to music in my office at work today and happened to think that a visualizer would be really nice to have.  So happy that it has been pitched already but so sad that this was originally pitched back in 2019 and nothing has come of it.  I'd even be happy to settle for an early 2000's quality visualizer.  Just something to pop full screen that isn't that regular Pandora screen.  If Pandora wanted to they could have a basic visualizer with the free Pandora radio and give many more options for customization for Pandora Premium.