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Ideas: Notification when reaching station limit

Ideas: Notification when reaching station limit

Status: Archive

I understand the constraints of limiting stations to 250, but it would be great if there was a place you could easily look up how many stations you currently have without manually counting, and that it would warn you that you have reached your limit and the oldest/least used (not sure what gets rolled off) are being axed before they disappear.  I have friends and family make playlists, and I've lost some of them, when I would have happily gotten rid of some stations I've created just to explore new artists.  

Could the Pandora team put is in the "suggestion box?"  Thanks.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @pdm! Thanks for your feedback!

This is a great idea. We're always looking to improve and receiving feedback like this definitely helps.

The status of your idea has been changed to Open.

Thanks for being part of community.

Status changed to: Archive

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