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Ideas: Option for fewer repeats and more variety when in Shuffle

Ideas: Option for fewer repeats and more variety when in Shuffle

Status: Open Ideas

I listen on shuffle mostly, but I often hear the same artist and song in a two hour session.  I don't think many people want that, esp in shuffle mode.  I also would like a lot of variety, both from an artist I like and the number of similar artists.  Deep Cuts has been a bit helpful, but even so, I hear a new artist and song I like, then the next day I hear the same song from that artist.  Why not a different song from that artist?

So my proposal is to have 3 levels of variety to select from.  

1. First level plays mostly the top hits.  More repeats and fewer similar artists.

2. Second Level of variety plays fewer repeats and more deeper cuts from similar artists.  No song repeats for a week. and songs put of a shelf for 2 or 3 months.

3. Third level of variety plays all the songs from albums of selected artists and a much wider net of similar artists.  No song repeated within 30 days.  And songs put on the shelf not heard again for 3 or 4 months.

I would also like to be able to see the songs put on the shelf like the thumbs up list.  

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Opening Act

I too would like to see this feature get added as well. 

How do I like this post?  I'm not seeing the heart button.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Yes! there's a lot of requests for this general concept but you actually thought it through a lot more and made it way more specific than the others :).


Heart button is in feature request list btw, not here.


I like this concept too -- my variation on the request would be for a station mode that let's you select only "songs that I haven't previously thumbed or collected". 

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Shuffle used to work correctly until some idiots decided to change things about 6 months ago. Now the selection is stale and repetitive with no introduction to new artists. Awful...
Diamond in the Rough

I like this idea. I just posted a rather lengthy comment on what I see as similar to this feed. 

You might be interested in the thread, which is also in the "Feature Requests" part. The title in the thread is under the heading: "Song Repeat Control."

Local Performer

I often listen to Pandora for upwards of 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

I have no problem doing a 'thumbs down' for something i don't want to hear.  However lately I'm afraid to select the 'thumbs up' because i keep hearing the same songs over.  I know Pandora has more than 100 songs, i feel like I keep hearing them over and over again.

I have been a listener to this format since before Pandora took over Yahoo music. 

Once upon a time, when a song was played, I was able to look and see what station/genre the song was selected from, if I didn't like what was chosen from that group, I could remove it.  Now, not so much.

I really want to start over so i can listen to a better variety of everything.  It would really be nice to have an EVERYTHING station, and let us premium users thumbs down what we don't want to hear as many times as we want.

Opening Act

OP says "Deep Cuts has been helpful". Not if you're shuffling. Station modes are ignored when using shuffle.

Local Performer

I very much agree!  Fewer repeats, more variety.  And more of the less popular songs from my favorite artists.instead of just their top hits! 

Local Performer

Sadly, I think this may be about money. That's the only explanation for why Pandora keeps wanting to play the same songs over and over. Maybe they cache certain songs, to save on delivery costs. Or maybe they get bulk discounts on a few particular songs. And then keep playing those songs till you can't stand it anymore.

It's as if the Rolling Stones only recorded one song: Beast of Burden! And in shuffle mode, I end up downvoting that little dittie over and over, due to overlap in my stations.

It's true some folks may not mind the repetition, but (speaking of money) it's enough of an annoyance to tempt me to leave Pandora altogether.

Ideally, I'd like to see a slider which one could set between two extremes: "deep cuts", and "best of" -- with a place to set this globally, as well as by station. But what would the accountants say? 🤔