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Ideas: Option to select individual playlist/station Clean or Explicit

Ideas: Option to select individual playlist/station Clean or Explicit

Status: Open Ideas

I would love to have the option to select if a playlist or station is clean or explicit.  

This way while people are at work or with kids they can select the playlist or station that is pre set to "clean" music and they can rest assured that no profanity will be played.  On the other hand, if they are by themselves or with a group of adults they can select the playlist or station that can have explicit music.


It would be incredible to have the power of Pandora to help give me the music I like, but give me the clean versions only.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thank you for the great feedback, @cdrracing! 🙌🏻


agreed!  this is needed asap so i can listen to original music on my own, but turn on explicit filtering for a station i listen to with my kids

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Yes I need this too

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I was searching in hope this was already a setting option. 

This is exactly what and why I need a clean vs explicit option.  

Please support this motion, I keep to Pandora rather adventuring to other music apps because I feel my stations are pretty dialed to fit my personal algorithm. To have this option would be ideal.

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I want to be able to have a few stations that I know are clean and can be played around my kids. But I don't want my whole account always playing the lame clean version of songs! You should be able to set each station as clean or explicit.

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I agree with this completely at least be able to pick individual stations that are filtered!!!!

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I think it should be in setting to block explicit music.Ny grand kid's listen to the same music.I think we should be able to choose and have an option to choose from.I have tried to figure out how to block explicit music. clean music.


I agree this should not be a site-wide setting


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Yes! Pandora needs to add this. It would be so great if it was a toggle so you could turn it on and off depending on the listening audience. I was hoping it had been added but it hasn’t 🙁

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Upvote from me on this one.

we need a “parent/public” accommodation per station - my little kids want to listen to Taylor Swift on the way to school and I want to listen to Rancid, etc. On the way to work and then I want to listen to something more appropriate at work.