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Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

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In my Pandora account, I changed most of the radio artists to 'Deep Cuts' mode- if I stream directly from the Pandora app (either on phone or computer), the songs that play reflect this change. However, if I stream through the Apple TV app or the Denon/HEOS, the songs that play do NOT reflect this change (they seem to play the normal Pandora playlist for each artist). I've tried logging out on both the AppleTV and HEOS Pandora apps, and no change. Any suggestions on how to get the 'Deep Cuts' mode to play on all devices I stream through? Thank you!

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How do I get Pandora Discovery Mode on my TV

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @dfoote7. 👋

This isn't a feature of Pandora at this time. I moved your post over to this existing feature request as it sounds like you'd like to see this option for your TV device: Pandora Modes on Other Devices 📺

To express your interest in seeing this option implemented, please click on the ❤️icon next to the title of this feature request. 

Hope to see you around the community more often! 🎧

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And please add modes to smart TVs

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Another vote for Modes on the Roku app!

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Yes, please—to Modes on Apple TV!

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Modes for smart TV and Roku app

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definitely would like to see modes on Roku app and smart tv apps like samsung.

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Please add “Modes” to the Roku version of Pandora. Also, the deep cuts Thumbs on a mobile do not translate to the station on Roku.

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Please add access to Amazon's Echo devices on your web and app platforms - we need access to Modes!  This would also allow higher bandwidth access to echo device stereo and 2.1 pairs, home theater pairs and device and multi-room groupings.   I'd like to combine the best of Pandora with the best of Amazon alexa echo devices!

Spotify has done a nice job of bringing access to echo devices on both their app and web platforms.  With a drop down you can switch to whatever you have configured in the alexa app -- stereo pairs, individual speaker, multi-room groups.  Spotify occasionally will lose a group or speaker pair, but it is easily found by telling alexa to use that group.  Steal their code, it cannot be that hard. 😉




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Would much appreciate the "Modes" on Roku TV.