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Ideas: Pandora app for Garmin

Ideas: Pandora app for Garmin

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a plan to develop an app for Garmin devices?  There is a significant number of runners that would want this support.



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Will switch to Spotify if Pandora is not supported by Garmin.

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Please make Pandora compatible with Garmin!

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Please make an app that will work with the Garmin  watch.

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Love my pandora but now looking at switching services due to the lack of a garmin watch app. Hopefully they can work something out.

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Thanks, all. Totally agree that I may have to switch to Spotify. I love Pandora but I love my Garmin watch more. I also run almost every day and need my music to keep happy. 

I bought my new Garmin (4th one!) with music capabilities and learned Pandora isn’t an option. What a bummer. 

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I’m looking at getting a Garmin Fénix but May need to get Spotify if pandora can’t stream via Garmin.

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I used to have Pandora on my Fitbit and was disappointed when I bought my last Garmin and realized it wasn't compatible. It's this because Garmin doesn't have a relationship?  I was further disappointed when I realized I couldn't download Amazon Music stations anymore when I combined my Amazon account with my significant other,  because now I'm not the primary account holder.  How can you say it's a music watch when you're lacking all of this compatibility? I just bought a new one when my last one died from being in the water a 2nd time,  despite it being capable. I'm giving Garmin another chance but will switch for good if it dies again or music remains an issue. 

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I have a Garmin descent mk2s. I spent a lot of money on it so I could use all of it's features. One that I can't currently use is the music option. Please Pandora, I have years of perfect stations generated, and I would hate to have to switch to another music service. I used Amazon music while I was overseas and it was terrible. Don't force me to switch my subscription back to them 😢

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Would like to see Pandora as an option in Garmin music providers list. Don't want to switch to AmazonMusic, Spotify, or go with AppleWatch to get Pandora.

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The feature request was back in 2019 and still nothing. I just got a Garmin watch and was surprised to not see Pandora as a music option... I'd beg Pandora to support the device, but if it's been this long already, I doubt there's any way it's ever coming. ****. I really didn't want to have to switch to Spotify.