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Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

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I'm on premium. Anyway to open pandora without it starting music? sometimes i just want to open it and browse a bit before i select something. Seems to happen on every application (web/android/auto)

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I am completely annoyed that Pandora desktop app launches when I start my computer. So far, I have been forced to join this community and agree to terms too long to read just to ask how do I stop this from happening?  If I do not get an answer I will delete the app. This **ahem**

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Diamond in the Rough

Go to Task Manager, Startup, and change Pandora to "Disable". That should do the trick.

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When I open the app it automatically starts playing music. It shouldn't do this unless I want it to. It should be a way for me to turn off that setting where it does this. I have all auto play settings turned off, I have startup in the car turned off and yet it still automatically plays music when I open the app. Fix this or I'll just find another music platform to pay for. 

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Open app, make selection, press starts. That's how it's supposed to work. Not open starts, quickly pause music, make apologies, then make selection. Sorry Pandora. Until you figure that out I can't use you.

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Hey, @mjbirdsong21. 👋

I moved your post over to this feature request. The best way to upvote the suggestion is by clicking on the ❤️icon next to the title of this idea on the main Feature Request page, or leaving a comment. 

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the community! 🎵


Yeah, this needs to happen! It's honestly just annoying when it just starts randomly playing music when I open the app.

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So abusive I'd never pay for premium for a spammy app that autostarts and I can't turn it off. Horrible horrible company would do that. 

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glad this is getting some rep, but yeah really needs to be fixed. i dont understand who thought this was a good idea. most people want to open the app and select something to play. this should be at least an option to turn on. some may want it but most i think wont.

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Spotify allows this feature. 🙄 It's so basic that I seriously do not understand why this is so hard to get right. If I'm listening to Pandora during a workout I'm probably playing expletive-laden trap music. If my kid opens the app next to play "Baby Shark" I don't want curse words blaring out. Very simple. The music should only start when I press play. Not when the app is launched. 

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I'm cancelling my subscription until this is introduced. As a developer myself this is something that should take almost no time to implement as an account-wide option and considering how long Pandora has been online, it's inexcusable that it's still not an option.


Edit: I originally posted this thread in October last year, so over 6 months ago. Even if this was, somehow, something no one at Pandora had ever thought of, that's enough time for an intern to learn the codebase and implement the change with months to spare. I realize most of the money goes towards the music itself (the selection of which is a bit disappointing at times) but seriously, there is no excuse.