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Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

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I'm on premium. Anyway to open pandora without it starting music? sometimes i just want to open it and browse a bit before i select something. Seems to happen on every application (web/android/auto)

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This is the only thing I don't like about the Pandora app! Please just fix it already. This is a core functionality of a music app, not a special feature request.


@AdamPandora  Does Pandora ever give feedback to their customers here in community?  Or possibly rationale why something is the way it is? 

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I agree! I need this feature. I do funerals and weddings. I need the app to WAIT UNTIL I PRESS PLAY before music starts. I dont want to be visiting a dying person, have them ask me to play a song, and have AC/DC's Highway to Hell come blasting out automatically while I search for Oh How I Love Jesus 

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This needs to be added. It's very obnoxious to have music play every time I open the app. I'm on android. This should have been present from the start as a basic feature.  

I'm going to hold off on using pandora for now until this feature is added.  

I also, I just got a pop up mid typing to do a survey at the end. No. Also obnoxious. Pandora, please keep the user experience in mind when adding these features. 

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Please add this function.

This is literally the only issue preventing me from paying for pandora (I am currently in the trial period of premium).  

There's a lot to like about pandora but if there's no way to open the app and decide when to start playing, I will cancel the trial.

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I don't think the pandora dev team give two sh!ts.   It would be an easy fix.   Or, at least allow auto play to be an option in settings.

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Hey Pandora Moderators, why do paying users have to *vote* for a simple and logical feature? Where are the product managers and what are they doing? Are there any left? How come these posts, begging for an improved user experience, don't show the date they were made? How long have you been ignoring users? Basic expectations continue to go unmet. Pandora has become a cash cow and paying users get no improvements. Strange that a streaming music provider has gone deaf.


Hi All,

To be honest I really don't think this will ever actually get addressed, because like some other user's have stated, they consider it a feature & not a setting. I've even considered approaching sirius xm about this as they bought pandora some time ago now. But then again, would it really do any good ?


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I too have premium and Pandora automatically plays... Please help me with this it's getting really annoying. 

Thank you

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That’s the problem, you can’t!